Pave Tools

Proud to Offer Industry-Leading Tools and Equipment to Make Your Next Hardscape Project a Breeze Through Proven Innovative Solutions.

Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply is thrilled to introduce Pave Tool Innovators to our contractors. They are the leading provider of hardscaping equipment, tools, and machinery, which can make your next project easier and more efficient. Their range of tools can assist with every step of the hardscaping process, from carrying and compacting to restraining and more.

Clamps: Pavers, Slabs & Walls


By using one in each hand, the Quick-E-Lifters allow one man to lift and transfer approximately 6 to 16 pavers quickly, efficiently, and safely from the pallet to the installation area. Holds 3-8 pavers (Sizes: 6×6, 6×9, 12×12, 8×8, (2) 4x4x8) in each lifter. Haul 40% more pavers than by hand, which will speed up production—no more pinching fingers or hands when carrying or setting down.

Quick-E-Paver Popper

Extracting pavers after they have been installed properly can be a daunting task. The paver popper assists in extracting pavers, allowing one hand to tap surrounding pavers freely, initiating the breaking of the interlock bond. It adjusts from 6” – 24” easily.


Installing paver slabs can be a job that is hard on your back and hands. Pick up multiple-sized slabs in less than 2 sec. adjustment time. It can be used by hand, with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist, or with an excavator (sold separately). It helps alleviate back and hand strain. Adjusts easily from 10” – 24” wide and holds up to 200 lbs.

Quick-E-BL 180

The Quick-E-BL 180 efficiently moves a single wall block from pallet to setting bed or installation area. It’s perfect for gently and precisely setting the base course for a retaining wall. Quickly adjusts from 7” – 18” and holds up to 180 lbs. It can be carried by hand, with the help of Quick-E-Ergo Assist (sold separately) or used with an excavator. 

Quick-E-BL 850

A clamp that picks slabs vertically right off the pallet is just one of its features! Use with an excavator or forklift. Self-latching, it adjusts from 0” – 16 ½” and holds up to 850 lbs. Picks up slabs and step treads.

Quick-E-BL 980

Pick wall blocks, step treads, and more with this multi-functional block clamp! Move strep treads front to back with minimal effort – major labor savings! 

Quick-E-Boulder Grab Attachment

A simple solution to pick boulders! The Boulder Grab Attachment is a separate accessory that attaches to our BL 980 Clamp (SOLD SEPARATELY) to pick boulders up to 980 lbs. It adjusts from 0”-38”. We recommend using an excavator for ease of installation and accurate setting of boulders. Ideal for building boulder walls and water features! The Quick-E-BL980 is REQUIRED for this attachment. 

Quick-E-BL 3000

The Ultimate Clamp is for picking heavy step treads, slabs, and wall material.

Elite Suction Equipment & Vacuum Paver Lifters

VME T-Handle Package VME3

The Backpack Option! An electric backpack option with T-Handle offers an easy all-in-one solution.  To pick up granite, bluestone, wet-cast, natural stone, and manufactured pavers.

Package Includes:

  • Vac Max E (backpack vacuum)
  • 50′ Power Cord
  • Adjustable T-Handle with 10 x 10 & 6 x 6 pads 
  • 4′ Vacuum Hose
  • 5′ Vacuum Hose
  • T-Handle Hose
  • Vac Max Relief Valve


VMB T-Handle Package VMB3

A battery backpack with no cords and a T-Handle for a great one-man show. 

Quick-E-Ergo XL

Ease the grueling task of installing heavy blocks & slabs. It can be used with man or machine power. Fully adjustable (up and down to accommodate different heights of people) with a dual handle. Holds up to 350 lbs.

Paver Edge Restraints 

Quick-E-Hybrid HD Edging

The #1 solution for permeable/dense grade and landscape applications. Made of aluminum, it is easy to cut and form around curves. Reinforced tabs for stability. Use with the Quick-E-Hybrid HD Stake (permeable) or 10” non-galvanized spikes (dense grade). 6.66’ in length.

Other Helpful Innovative Hardscape Tools


No more screeding on your knees! The efficient way to screed a 1″ setting bed standing up. Bent in such a way to initiate down pressure and strength with a rolled back edge to easily fill screed rail voids. Three interchangeable screed blades: 3′, 4 1/2′, and 6’.

Halder Sim80 Mallet

Wall guys love them! A 6.5 lb. mallet with cast iron housing and wooden handle. One black composite rubber head (medium hard) and one white nylon head (hard). Handle and heads are replaceable.

Halder Sim60 Mallet

Paver guys love them! A 3.5 lb. mallet with cast iron housing and wooden handle. One black composite rubber head (medium hard) and one red plastic head (hard). Handle and heads are replaceable.

Quick-E-Dual Adjuster

Ultimate tool for straightening bond lines and adjusting your pavers. 2 tools in 1: rubber padded hammer on one side; hardened tooth on the other side.

Quick-E Scribe

The Quick-E Scribe (paver scribe) has so many uses! Allows you to transfer a cut line from a fixed edge to a paver or retaining wall surface swiftly and without error. Transcribes a marking line from any fixed object to a concrete product that needs to be cut in.

Mark the properly sized retaining wall block or individual pieces of wall cap to make a perfect radius cap on your curved walls.

Lightweight & portable – allows you to trace irregular shapes like natural rocks to incorporate them into a beautiful retaining wall perfectly.

Quickly and perfectly scribe in a soldier or sailor row when the pavers are going to be against a hard fixed surface. This allows the pavers to be then cut in place, so the border pavers can simply be dropped into place for a perfect fit.

It is used to draw radii for fire pits up to a 24” diameter, just like a drawing compass or a beam compass.

Mark angles for perfectly mitered corners. There are 3 angles (90°, 45°, 22.5°) engraved on the inside of one of the arms, which can be tightened to ensure consistent marking from paver to paver. Just trace the angle.

Hardscape Accessories


Beautiful stainless-steel accent for any gas or wood fire pit or grill surround. 1/8″ Thick – 10 Gauge High-Grade Stainless Steel. Classic or Fire Flame design.

Size Options:

  • 9.75” x 2.9” (11 sq. inches of airflow) 
  • 11” x 3.5” (14.6 sq. inches of airflow) 
  • 7.9” x 3.9” (11.22 sq. inches of airflow)

Quick-E-Adjustable Patio Drain – Stainless 8″ x 8″ drain

The easiest stainless-steel drain on the planet to install! Rotate and adjust for the perfect placement. Fully adjustable with a drill or socket wrench. Fine-tune the drain quickly and easily after the pavers are laid. Adjust up or down as needed if the pavers settle around the drain over time. Accommodates a female 4″ SDR 35, triple wall, and S&D pipe.

Quick-E-Gas Shut-Off Insert

The Pave Tool Gas Shut-Off is a must-have; the classy stainless-steel plate is not only elegant, but it also makes it possible for a hassle-free installation. There is no need to drill or cut a radius to install the keyway into a gas fire pit.

Designed to fit: Dante valve 3/4″ (not included)

Available in Sizes:  9.75″ x 2.9″ & 7.9″ x 3.9″  

Included is a ring that slides over and cinches between the face plate and ball-valve stem when tightened, creating a snug fit with no play or possibility of loosening.  

Quick-E-Retaining Wall Spillway

Help Eliminate Wall Settling! 6” x 6” drain with an 8” spillway. Water runs off the spillway past the toe (base) of the wall and slides in for easy installation. The back flange 1 1/2” will accommodate a male 4” SDR35, Triple Wall, or a S&D, it is constructed of 16-gauge aluminum. This can be installed loose or glued in.

Stop by today for more information on the Pave Tool hardscaping equipment we have available or can order for you and your team.