Landscape Lighting

Transform Your Evening Landscape with Low Voltage Lighting!

What is Low Voltage Lighting?

Low voltage lighting uses a transformer to reduce the 120 line voltage from your electoral outlet to 12. This reduction in voltage allows landscape lighting to be installed without the need for a licensed electrician. It also eliminates the need for burial of the lighting wire instead allowing it to be installed safely, directly on the ground or just under the mulch. Today many landscape lighting fixtures are available in LED which not only makes them extremely energy efficient but very long lasting.


Needing only an existing electrical outlet to plug into, a low voltage landscape transformer is the brains of your lighting system, providing power to as well as controlling when your landscape lighting will turn on and off each evening. We offer both entry level transformers (60 watt/120 watt) that offer integrated timer and photocell as well as upgraded and contractor grade transformers (300 watt/600 watt).

Path Lights

Path lights illuminate sidewalks, stone pathways and lawn walkways while adding a hint of intrigue to surrounding boulders and plant beds. They can also be used to define the edges of patios and pool decking.

We stock a variety of popular domed path light styles but we can also order any other styles of path lights for your project.

Bullet/Up/Accent Lights

Whether on the house or on key trees in your landscaping, accent lighting is dramatic and can create a focal point for your entire landscape lighting design. Not sure what bulb to use? Our hardscape staff can help advise you which MR16 bulb will give you the desired accent lighting effect you are looking for.

Low Voltage Lighting Accessories & Replacement Bulbs

We also stock all the essentials you need to complete your landscape lighting project or repair such as 10/2, 12/2 or 16/2 low voltage wire, connectors, nuts and landscape staples.

We also carry many popular replacement bulbs in both LED and halogen options. We typically stock LED MR16 bulbs for bullet or up lights in 4, 5 or 6 watt options with various degree spreads. LED bulbs for path lights are available in T5, Bi-Pin, Wedge Base & Bayonet styles.

Upgrade your current transformer with a photocell and timer. The photocell will automatically kick on your lighting when the sun goes down and the timer will shut your system off each night at the time of your choosing. We offer both digital and analog landscape light timers.

Don’t see the style or fixture you are looking for? We can custom order you anything from the Kichler, Alliance or CAST line of landscape lighting.