Outdoor Heaters

The Right Outdoor Heater for Every Project

Infratech – CD Series

This low-profile heater is suitable for outdoor installations and offers a pleasing, streamlined look due to low clearance requirements. Features like floating mounts with inset mounting brackets combine a sleeker profile with concentrated heat output for optimal warmth and style.

Bromic Platinum Electric

The Platinum Smart-Heat collection’s low form factor is designed to offer a full-range solution to incorporate radiant heating into any space, available with gas or electric fuel sources, black or white finishes, and a wide array of ceiling, wall, and flush-mounting options.

Bromic Tungsten Electric

The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric heater is the ideal solution for larger spaces and colder climates, offering market-leading directional radiant heat, durable stainless-steel construction in an attractive industrial design style, and various mounting options.

For more information on our outdoor heater offerings, please visit our Warminster store to speak with a hardscape expert.