Dumping Services

For your Convenience, Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply (Warminster) offers disposal of:

Top Soil
• Must be clean soil free of mud/sod/stone or mulch

Fill Waste Soil
• Soil is considered fill waste soil if it is muddy, has sod mixed in it, or if it has large stones or rocks. Fill waste must not contain metal, blacktop, and large root balls.

• Must be free of soil/metal/blacktop/trash

Brush & Wood Chips
• Must be clean brush chips and leaves only. No stone/soil/stumps /logs over 30” diameter or large root balls.


Each load must be inspected prior to dumping by a hardscape associate to determine that it is acceptable material and to determine how much is being dumped.
Pricing will vary based on these factors.

Dumping is available during normal business hours at our Warminster Location ONLY.

Occasionally dumping services may be closed.
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