Expert Advice

Thank you for visiting the Gasper Home & Garden Showplace’s Expert Advice and Gardening Tips section of our website. Our seasoned gardening and landscape maintenance experts have compiled this collection of helpful information for the do-it-yourself garden, lawn and landscape enthusiast. We are constantly striving to add more helpful information to this page, however if you don’t see something pertaining to the topic you are interested in, our experts are always available to speak with you at our garden center.


Sealing Your Pavers

Spring is the time to clean and seal your patio or walkway pavers Maintaining and protecting your outdoor hardscape investment is easier than you think. SRW Products has a full line of cleaners that address a Continue Reading.


Crabgrass Prevention

Stop the Cycle Summertime droughts kill many lawns but the crabgrass survives! Crabgrass is a very resilient plant that even thrives through heat and drought. Why do we have such a difficult time controlling crabgrass? Will Continue Reading.


Vegetable Gardening Tips

We all seem to be trying to eat healthier, more organically and fresher. Nothing achieves that purpose better than your own home vegetable garden and doubly good if it’s totally organic. The home garden when properly Continue Reading.