Why to Consider a White Frame Finish

Why should I consider a white frame finish for my next outdoor furniture set?

As Eli puts it, “White Goes with Everything.” Check out this short video for why Gasper Exterior Furnishings designer Eli Hymer opted for white frames in this local featured project.

Coastal-inspired living often calls for white furniture frames as they create a light and airy feel that pairs well with many bright colors. For beach or poolside settings, Eli recommends using white frames as they provide a great contrast with blue fabrics. This color combination is particularly popular as it reflects the blues of the water and sky found in seaside environments.

However, white furniture is not limited to coastal decor. It can also be used in more traditional or cottage-style settings where it can complement the white details of the house trim or a white picket fence. White wicker or cast aluminum furniture is a great example of patio furniture with this more traditional feel.

White frames can also be incorporated into more contemporary or transitional design styles. Using white on white (white frames with white fabric) is currently a trendy option as it creates a clean and modern aesthetic.

White is even Eli’s number one color in umbrella fabrics because it feels calming and spa-like (plus it is easy to clean). 

White Goes with Everything

Eli Hymer, Gasper Exterior Designer