Fire Pits vs. Fire Tables… Which should you choose?

There are many advantages to each style of fire element. Let the design experts at Gasper help you decide the best one for your outdoor space.

Watch Gasper furniture guru, Eli Hymer, and Landscape Architect, Christina Reeves discuss fire pits and fire tables in this short video.

A Fire Pit…

• Can be built-in or moveable depending on style.

• Comes in both wood and gas versions.

• Has that great campfire smell if you are burning wood.
• Gas appliances are odorless and smokeless.
• Inserts available for wood burning pits to reduce smoke.

• Can roast marshmallows and other foods if burning wood.

• Is great for a destination patio.

• Wood burning fire pits require safety setbacks from all combustibles such as structures & decks. (Always check your local fire codes and setbacks before burning.)

A Fire Table…

• Gas appliances are odorless and smokeless.

• Convenient! No need to make sure you have wood.

• Flexible — unlike a built-in firepit a fire table can be moved or rearranged.

• Feels like a piece of furniture when not in use.

• Dual purposed — Can double as a place to put down drinks or plates of food.

• Typically, is safe to use under umbrellas or on decks. (Always check the manufacturer’s operating instructions for recommended safety clearances prior to burning near combustibles.)

Still Can’t Decide?

We often design backyard spaces for clients that want both a fire pit AND a fire table so that they can take advantage of the benefits of each. In these cases, there usually are two separate outdoor rooms. The room for the fire table is often used with more formal seating such as deep seating conversation sets and is located closer to the house and the one for the fire pit is often located farther away from the house and has more informal seating such as Adirondack chairs. This is also a good solution for clients who entertain large numbers of guests as it gives guests multiple places to sit and enjoy a fire.

A fire pit can be a centerpiece for socializing, cooking, and fun. Guests will love gathering around this cozy area.

Eli Hymer

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