How to Install Stepping Stones

An easy and affordable walkway alternative

Install Your Stepping Stones like a Gasper Professional

1. Layout out your stepping stones on lawn

2. Cut around each stone with a flat-edged shovel to remove sod and soil to the depth of the stepping stone plus 1″

3. Fill hole with 1″ of stone screenings and tamp into place to avoid settling.

4. Level and compact by tapping each stone into the stone screening base with a soft mallet


  • Add screenings as needed under the stone so there is no rocking when the stone is stepped on
  • Finished stones should be level with surrounding lawn so it is easy to mow over them.

We offer many different stepping stone options:

  • Irregular PA Bluestone
  • Rectangular PA Bluestone Steppers
  • River Stone Stepping Stones
  • Carved Greenstone Stepping Stones
  • Autumn Silver/California Gold Natural Stone Steppers
  • Laurel Mountain/Colonial Grey Natural Path Stone
  • Cambridge Cast Concrete Stepping Stones
  • Granite Decorative Accent Stones