Fire Pit and Fire Tables

Ask Eli:

What is the difference between a fire pit and a fire table?

Watch this short video to hear Gasper Exterior Designer, Eli Hymer talk about the extremely versatile of fire tables.

The fire table is truly a piece of furniture that adds the ambiance and warmth of a fire to any outdoor seating arrangement. Being a gas appliance, it is much more convenient and safer than a wood-burning fire pit. With a gas fire table, there is no need for wood. This makes it fast and easy to quickly get a fire started, making it infinitely more useable daily. And with no wood, there is no need to worry about sparking embers burning holes in your good upholstery, or having to rearrange your seats to avoid the smoke.

One downside of a fire table flame is that you really should not use them for cooking — so no s’mores as the molten marshmallow can end up clogging the gas components of your table. 

But with a fire table, you get a lot of additional space around the fire to put down a plate or a glass. So you can eat around it, just don’t cook on it. In addition, most fire tables have lids so that the entire table surface is available when the fire portion is not in use.

When you are thinking fire tables, you are not limited to short, round pieces. Fire tables come in so many configurations, heights, and sizes. They also come in many different materials and finishes.

One way to customize your fire pit is to use colored glass or approved fire rock to coordinate with your other outdoor accessories. 

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