How to Spruce up Your Backyard with Updated Pool Decking

Removing and replacing the old concrete decking around existing pools is a common reason homeowners contact us at Gasper Landscape Design & Construction.

Watch this short video to learn more about renovating your pool patio with Gasper Landscape Architect Christina Reeves.

The existing pool is often still in fairly decent shape, but the decking, which is usually done in concrete or even stamped concrete, has started to crack, settle, or deteriorate. Sometimes, Homeowners are simply looking to upgrade the concrete decking to a material that is going to bring a little more color or style to the pool area, such as a patterned concrete paver.

Gasper Landscape Design & Construction also designs and lays out new pools as part of our design-build services. We can then work with your preferred pool contractor to complete your pool project. Why might you want to work with a Gasper Landscape Designer first BEFORE you hire a Pool Contractor? Our designers are trained to be able to see the big picture, plus they have the creativity as well as years of experience to design a pool that will be beautifully integrated into your outdoor space. Too often, we have noticed that pool contractors lack design training. As a result, we see design or layout issues that could have easily been avoided if thoughtfully planned before installation, such as pools that are set too high or pool equipment that is poorly placed.