Pool Patios

You’ll choose a staycation more often with a Gasper-built pool patio

Remember the summer days when you spent too much time in traffic on your way to your favorite vacation destination? Start designing a new favorite destination with Gasper so you can enjoy a resort-like experience in your own backyard this summer. Whether you are building a new pool, renovating an existing pool, or adding a pool house or pergola, Gasper Landscape’s beautiful designs, paired with quality materials and sound construction techniques, will create the outdoor living space of your dreams and help you take full advantage of the warm weather.

The materials we use most often to replace a concrete deck are concrete pavers, travertine and bluestone. All also come in coping materials. Concrete pavers are a visual upgrade from concrete adding color, pattern and texture. Because they are dry laid, they are easy to repair or take up if any parts of the pool need future repair. The downside is because they are still a concrete product, they can get hot in the sun.

Travertine is a natural stone material that we love to use around pools because it actually does not get hot in the sun and is very friendly to bare feet. It is also slip resistant, despite being an exceptionally smooth paver.  The downside to travertine is cost. But if your budget allows, travertine is truly one of the best materials to use around a pool.

PA bluestone is a beautiful natural stone paver, but it has a naturally occurring iron ore in the stone, which makes it heat up like a skillet in the sun. Since bluestone can get extremely hot it needs to be used selectively when using it for pool patios.

The removal and replacement of the old concrete decking around existing pools is a common reason homeowners contact us at Gasper Landscape Design & Construction. A lot of times, the existing pool is still in fairly decent shape, but the decking, which is usually done in concrete or even stamped concrete, has started to crack, settle or deteriorate. Sometimes Homeowners are simply looking to upgrade the concrete decking to a material that is going to bring a little more color or style to the pool area such as a patterned concrete paver.

The construction process involves, carefully removing the surrounding concrete and coping.  You need to be extremely careful around skimmer boxes and any locations where it is known that pool piping is present. These can be costly to replace, and sometimes despite your best efforts may need to be replaced. If there are repairs that need to be done to the pool, we will work with your pool company to coordinate when and how those repairs will be done.

One of the wonderful things about renovating a pool is that you do not have to be constrained to the old shape of the decking. Perhaps you want to enlarge some seating areas, or provide space for a fire pit?  You can also change a boring rectangular decking outline into something with fun curves and interest. Maybe even add a pool house or shade structure.

We would love to talk to you about what we can do for your pool.  Contact us today.

Our family and friends all say, ‘No wonder you don’t have a shore house, your yard looks like a resort!”

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