Before You Meet with Us

So, you’re finally making your backyard dreams a reality! Designing your landscape can be a fun and rewarding process. Being prepared for your meeting with a Gasper landscape designer can help them create the perfect design for you and your space, as well as expedite the design and installation process. Here are a few ways to prepare for your meeting with us:

Do your Homework!

Before you meet with your Landscape Designer, spend some time collecting images and photos of other houses and landscapes that you like.  This helps give your designer an idea of your style.  This website also offers many completed job photos in its featured project pages.  In addition, the Gasper Landscapes’ pages on websites such as Houzz and Pinterest, offer thousands of idea images that you can save and share with your designer.  

What do you Prefer?

Do you love roses but hate azaleas?  Do you like the color blue, but dislike yellow?  Do you have a favorite plant that you would like to see used?  It is important to convey any preferences to your landscape designer.   Some people have strong opinions about their landscapes.  It is also ok to not have any opinions set in stone prior to working with your Designer, or to admit you don’t know a lot about plants or hardscape.   Because there are so many choices to make, it can get overwhelming.   Your Designer is there to guide you through the process.

Think Big Picture

It is important to look at the big picture when planning your landscape or garden.  How do you intend to use your space?  If you are renovating an existing space, convey to your Designer what you do not like about the current space and what goals you are hoping to achieve with your rebuild.  What are your future plans?  For example, if you know that a few years down the road you want to add an in ground pool or pavilion, then it would be good for your Designer to have this information so that he or she can design your landscape in phases.

Have your Plans Ready

Have copies of any existing plot or as-built plans ready to share with your Designer.   Accurate measurements are important to design development, accurate estimates and construction documents.  If you do not have these documents handy, you can check with your Township.  Townships often have plot plans on file and are able to share them with Homeowners.

What is your Project Budget?

What is your investment amount for the project? Many homeowners are hesitant to share budget numbers with us at first until they realize that designing to their budget is an important component to the Gasper design process.  Don’t worry if you are not sure about what project items may cost. Setting a budget is something we will be able to help you with by giving you ball park figures for the projects you are dreaming about at our first meeting. 

Should you Expect Charges or Fees?

When homeowners schedule an in-home consultation with a sales designer, the initial site visit will not be chargeable.  After the initial meeting your sales designer will determine if your design qualifies for a complimentary design.  Some large-scale, complicated or master plans will be considered chargeable designs.  Most chargeable design fees are reimbursed if you decide to move forward with the Gasper proposal.