The Gasper 3-D Model: Your Virtual Landscape

Explore It Before We Build It

Here at Gasper, we know that most homeowners we meet may be intimidated at the thought of reading and understanding architectural blueprints. Scaled blueprints are very important to us to accurately construct your project; but they are not always the best way to convey our design ideas to you. This is why for most project presentations we utilize a computerized 3-D model. The 3-D model allows you to take a virtual walk-through of your proposed landscape project.

The 3-D model allows you to take a virtual walk through your proposed landscape project. Are you having a hard time envisioning the wall heights of a multi-level patio on a blueprint? A Gasper 3-D model can help illustrate what your finish project will look like.

Want to see what it might look like when you look out your back door? Or maybe you are having a hard time envisioning wall heights on a multi-level patio? In either case, using the model, we can easily show you. We can rotate views in real time, just as if you were standing there yourself. Our model will give you the confidence that what we are proposing is what you will be getting. In fact, the only thing our 3-D model will leave to your imagination is how much you are going to enjoy your new Gasper-built project!