Outdoor Carpentry for an Intricate Lifestyle 

The finest materials, meticulous craftsmanship and brilliant design are true hallmarks of Gasper’s Custom Carpentry division.  Gasper’s award-winning designers and carpentry team specialize in adding unique architectural details to any outdoor space or home addition. From vine-covered pergolas, arbors and porches, to backyard decks, pool houses and privacy walls . . . you will enjoy an expanded living area that is sure to become your favorite room and gathering space for years to come.

Carpentry Services in Bucks and Montgomery County

Our expertly crafted outdoor carpentry work is the harmonious result of client input, creative designers, and unmatched materials. Our builders are capable of constructing structures that are striking in appearance and purpose, including, but not limited to:

Porches & Shade Pavilions– Our custom structures are thoughtfully designed to complement the architecture of your home and work successfully with existing elements on your property. Designed properly, these structures can become an outdoor living destination, creating a comfortable place to gather with family and friends.

Decks – Are you ready to replace that old, deteriorating wood deck yet? A new composite deck by Gasper might be the answer! Composite decking is available in many colors to complement the existing color palette of your home, does not require staining or sealing and is extremely durable. Gasper can also construct traditional wood decks from materials such as Cedar, Ipe or Tigerwood.  Decks are a natural extension of your home – a place where you can expand your floor plan outwards.

Pergolas & Garden Structures Custom garden structures such as pergolas, arbors, and privacy walls, which are designed and built by our master carpenters, enhance any outdoor living space. Gasper structures provide a focal point and add dimension while complementing the landscape and delighting the eye.

Pool Houses – The perfect backdrop to any pool is the perfect pool house or shade structure. Not just for wardrobe changes or organizing pool accessories, a Gasper pool house is designed for elegant poolside entertaining or a private getaway.

Home Additions – Gasper’s carpentry projects are not limited to just the yard.  If you’re considering a 3-season, 4-season or other home addition, to expand your living space or make your outdoor environment more accessible and enjoyable, look no further. Gasper’s talented design team can turn any sized dream into a reality.

Award-Winning Designers and Carpentry Craftsmen

Outdoor carpentry is a striking way to add aesthetic appeal and value to your property. And because all our decks and carpentry are built in-house by our team of experienced carpenters, there is no need to hire or coordinate multiple companies to get your whole project complete…carpentry, hardscape or landscape…we can do it all.    Contact us at 215-364-2400 to discover how Gasper can help you build all your home improvement projects.