5 Simple Steps to a New Landscape

  1. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. Call 215-398-6030 to schedule an in-home meeting with one of our professional sales designers. Gasper’s award-winning design team has the ability to take on any type of landscape project. They will be able to guide you through the entire design process, from your initial consultation, to your project’s completion and beyond.
  2. MEETING ON SITE. One of our sales designers will meet you at your property. He or she will listen carefully to your specific needs, wants and wishes in order to provide you with a truly customized landscape design. Whether you desire a simple planting layout or a comprehensive outdoor living space, you’ll find Gasper’s staff to be creative and knowledgeable when bringing your ideas to life.
  3. CUSTOM DESIGN CREATION. After our initial meeting with you, our landscape architects and designers will craft for you a unique and well-thought out design solution. Should your project warrant it, Gasper staff can develop a detailed survey of your site.
  4. DESIGN PRESENTATION. Our second meeting will be at our design office. During this meeting we will present our design of your new outdoor living space using a 3-D model. The 3-D model is an exciting virtual tour that will leave you with little doubt of exactly what your new project will look like when it is completed.  
  5. LANDSCAPE PROPOSAL. Lastly, at the conclusion of the design presentation, we will produce a detailed landscape proposal that is not only thorough, but will allow you to move forward with Gasper, confident that the construction and installation of your project will proceed smoothly.