Irrigation Services Across Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties

Watering is essential to the growth and survival of your new plantings, but hand watering is one of the most time consuming aspects of garden maintenance.  As most homeowners are not looking to be slaves to their yards, installation of an irrigation system can help insure the success of your planting investment. Let Gasper design and install an irrigation system that works even when you are away from home to promote dense green grass and lush, healthy vegetation.  We offer two types of systems:

In-Ground Irrigation Systems

Full, in-ground irrigation systems are a smart and efficient way to water your plants throughout the seasons correctly. Irrigation zones are selected based upon the plant’s watering requirement and sized according to the available water supply. Lawn areas as well as planting beds can be watered.  Rain sensors monitor precipitation and automatically shut off to avoid overwatering.  Irrigation pipe is buried underground and requires a proper shut down each fall to avoid water freezing in the lines.  An in ground irrigation systems is usually worry-free and the easiest type of system for homeowners, but it is also a considerable investment. 

Hose Bib Drip Irrigation Systems

For smaller planting beds, a simple hose bib drip irrigation system can be installed to help homeowners keep their plants watered, without a plumber, and at a more modest price point.  Unlike soaker hoses, the ½” poly tubing used in simple drip irrigation systems are clog resistant and can water evenly at distances up to 300ft.  Hose bib drip irrigation can be installed without digging.  Tubing is laid directly on the topsoil under the layer of mulch.  The only requirement is an active hose bib or faucet in the vicinity of the bed to be watered.

A simple hose bib drip irrigation system is intended to make watering easier for the homeowner, but still requires constant monitoring to be certain the proper amount of water is getting to the plantings. Newly planted large trees and shrubs may require additional hand watering. The timer should be manually turned off or put on rain delay during periods of extended regular rain.  

Other Irrigation Services

At Gasper, our licensed technicians specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems that work to protect your landscape investment.  Our other irrigation services include:

  • Spring start-ups
  • Winter shut-downs
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs (regardless of who installed your system!)

Trust the experts at Gasper. Give us a call today at 215-364-2400 or send us a message via our contact page to inquire about all our irrigation services to see which might be best for your property.