Understanding Your Hose Bib Drip Irrigation System

Congratulations on your new hose bib drip Irrigation system.  This system is a great investment and can save you from spending hours watering your new plantings.  The limitations to a hose bib drip irrigation system is that even though the timer is automatic, it does require some periodic monitoring by you to make sure that your plants are getting the proper amount of moisture needed to grow happy and healthy.

The following video will explain all the components of your new hose bib drip irrigation system, show you how to set the Agrifim digital timer, how to monitor your plants and give you watering tips and advice on how to best utilize your new system.

While we would love for you to watch the whole video, if you are in a hurry or only need to listen to a particular segment, use the chapter segments time marks below as needed:

Hose Drip Irrigation Video Chapters

Understanding the Y Splitter
Understanding the Agrifim Digital Timer Understanding the Pressure Regulator
How to set your Digital Timer
How to use the Rain Delay on your Timer
How to use the Manual Water on your Timer Taking your Timer in for the Winter
Changing the Batteries in your Timer
Recommended Watering Times
How do I know if My Plants are Getting Enough Water?


IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Your digital timer MUST be brought inside and stored before temperatures drop below freezing in the late fall and winter!!

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