Cement Products & Additives

Cement Products

We offer the following cement products:
●Type S Masonry Cement
● Type N Masonry Cement
● Portland Cement
● White Cement
● Dark Masonry Cement
● Hydrated Lime
● Mason Lime
● Tenon Refractory Mortar

Sakrete Products

Sakrete, is North America’s original dry cement mix brand and is a leader in concrete and concrete-related products. Having led the way in premixed bagged concrete mix as well as being the first company to provide concrete mix specified for strength not proportion, Sakrete is the trusted choice of professionals for concrete. We offer the following bagged products:

● Type S Mortar Mix
● Concrete Mix
● All Weather Blacktop Patch
● Bonder & Fortifier

Cement Additives

● HiGro Guard Winter Add mix (1 gal. and 5-gal. sizes)
● Sakrete Bonder Fortifier
● Anti -Hydro
● Sika Latex Bonding Agent
● EM-Cryl 600 Latex Fortifier
● Vocomp 20 Sealing Compound
● 202 New Masonry Detergent

Cement Dye

Rainbow Cement Colors are universal pigments that can be used to tint any type of cement or gypsum product. They are completely compatible with one another for mixing so that an endless variety of shades can be achieved. We offer the following colors:

● Bright Red
● Deep Cement Brown
● Deep Cement Buff
● Limeproof Black
● Limeproof Brown
● Limeproof Red
● Terra Cotta
● Burnt Umber