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Husqvarna’s construction and hardscape power tools are built with more than 60 years of field-proven design experience and are trusted and appreciated all over the world. Designed with the operator in mind, Husqvarna tools are built to make the work more efficient and minimize the load, stress, strain, and risk while operating. As an authorized Husqvarna dealer, Bucks County Hardscape is happy to offer a wide selection of core drills, cutters, dust extractors, plate compactors, and rammers for our professional contractor clientele. 

Core Drills

Whether you’re drilling large or small openings, multiple holes, or deep drilling, Husqvarna provides the core drilling machines and core drill bits you need to get the job done. We carry:

DM 220

The DM 220 is a handheld electric core drill for both dry and wet drilling. It has a level guiding system with an LED indicator, making it a perfect choice when looking for a drill motor with precision and efficiency. The ergonomically designed handle with a D-handle gives you good control while drilling. Handheld core drilling up to 4 in. or drilling with the DS 250 stand up to 6 in. Suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets, and cables. An excellent choice for professionals as well as less experienced users.

DS 250

The DS 250 is a mid-sized drill stand. This lightweight stand made of aluminum has a combination base plate to enable both anchoring and vacuum. An ideal choice for core drilling applications up to 10 in. diameter. Suitable for stitch and angle drilling for ventilation and plumbing.


Banner Line® bits are used for general-purpose drilling of concrete, masonry, and brick. This includes concrete with soft to hard aggregate and light to medium steel reinforcing and is also effective on granite, marble, and stone. Custom specs are available, including open-end, spoke-back, non-standard length, and threaded tubing for deep drilling. Available in the following sizes:








No matter if you work in construction or rescue, sawing outside or indoors, there’s always a Husqvarna power cutter that fits your requirements. Some of the Husqvarna cutters we carry:

K 770

The Husqvarna K 770 is a powerful all-around power cutter that is equipped with a semi-automatic SmartTension™ system, which allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear, and maximum belt life. The light weight, outstanding power-to-weight ratio, reliable start, and exceptionally low vibrations mean less strain and maximized productivity. Suitable for road work and easy to cut in a straight or curved track or close to a sidewalk when used with a KV7 trolley.


The K 970 power cutter is the ultimate choice when you need an all-around cutter performing in the toughest conditions, withstanding climate and fuel variations. Suitable for road works when used with the corresponding KV 970 trolley.

K 535i

The Husqvarna K 535i is a lightweight battery power cutter with low vibrations and user-friendly ergonomics. The excellent power-to-weight ratio makes it a versatile addition for lighter land or hardscaping jobs and is perfect for quick and efficient cuts. Suitable for concrete garden plates, granite, roof, and floor tiles. K 535i is adaptable for wet and dry cutting. Fits with Husqvarna BLi200/300 batteries.


This electric all-around cutter minimizes the amount of water and slurry. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently with minimum effort from the operator. K 4000 is easily adaptable for dry cutting, and the Vac attachment accessory allows for minimal dust generation.


This high-power battery cutter has the power and performance you expect from equivalent petrol-powered cutters. Equipped with X-Halt™ brake function for operational safety. Ergonomic and user-friendly with low vibrations, optimally balanced machine, and zero CO₂ emissions during use. With built-in connectivity, you can easily monitor machine location, runtime, and service intervals and receive wireless updates through FOTA (firmware over the air). Powered by a Husqvarna PACE battery system with high power and fast charging for impressive productivity and a well-suited match with our specially designed battery blade range for maximized cutting depth and optimized performance. Suitable for concrete pipes, concrete garden plates, cinder blocks, etc.

Dust Extractor

The most efficient spot to capture the dust is at the source. That’s why Husqvarna dust equipment integrates easily with our cutting, drilling, sawing, and grinding equipment. Should any dust particles slip away, our efficient air scrubbers equipped with HEPA H13 filter will catch even the smallest, most harmful respirable dust particles, such as crystalline silica. We carry:

DE 110 SH

This versatile HEPA dust extractor is compact yet powerful and easy to transport. Its three-stage filtration process, including large filter surfaces, enables long run-time between filter cleanings. Its high water protection allows fast and efficient decontamination.

Plate Compactors & Rammers

Husqvarna compactors are developed for high productivity, performance, and durability. Every detail in every machine – from the ergonomic, vibration-damped handles to the tough, wear-resistant steel surface compacting the ground – is designed to get the job done with high uptime and low maintenance. We recommend the following plate compactors and rammers:


The LF 75 LAT is a fast-operating forward plate compactor designed for efficient compaction of asphalt and soil. Ideal for repair jobs and maintenance work, such as driveways and parking lots. The large water tank features an oversized cap to enable less frequent and fast refills. It is easy to clean, leaves no marks on the pavement, and uses whatever water is available on-site.

LF 100 LAT

The LF 100 LAT is a fast-operating forward plate compactor designed for efficient asphalt and soil compaction. It is ideal for repair jobs and maintenance work, such as driveways and parking lots. Like the LF 75 LAT, the LF 100 LAT’s large water tank features an oversized cap to enable less frequent and faster refills. It is easy to clean, leaves no marks on the pavement, and uses whatever water is available on-site.

LT 6005 Rammer

The LT 6005 is a well-balanced and powerful rammer developed for efficient compaction of granular and cohesive soils such as clay and silt. It is ideal for compaction in trenches or other narrow spaces, for example, around pillars and pipes. Equipped with the latest Honda GXR120 engine, which is specially designed for rammers. The rammer offers superb control, low noise, and low emissions.

Looking for other Husqvarna construction hardscape equipment? As an authorized dealer, we will be happy to special order any power tool for delivery to our Warminster location. We also offer a large selection of Husqvarna Forest & Garden tools, such as chainsaws, blowers, string trimmers, and lawnmowers. For more information, click here:

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