Masonry Materials & Supplies

At Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply we know and can supply you with all the masonry material you need to build any size project.  

CMU & Cinder Block

The starting block for all masonry projects, we carry both solid and hollow block ranging from 2”-12” thick. 

Clay Brick

We offer standard selections of both Glen-Gery & Pine Hall Bricks

● Glen-Gery 51DD Modular
● Glen-Gery 52DD Modular
● Glen-Gery 53DD Modular
● Glen-Gery DANISH Modular
● Glen-Gery 53DD Molded 4″x 8″ (Paving Brick)
● Glen-Gery DANISH Molded 4″ X 8” (Paving Brick)
● Pine Hall Pathway Red 4X8 (Paving Brick)
● Pine Hall Pathway Full Range 4X8 (Paving Brick)

A modular brick is sized such that the specified dimension of the brick plus a the mortar joint equals a specific dimension and is typically used to face walls or other masonry vertical surfaces. 

Glen-Gery bricks have a sand finish whereas the Pine Hall Brick is a traditional wire-cut square-edge clay paver brick.

Fire Brick

We carry a buff fire brick in both a standard (2 ⅜”) and a thin (1 ¼” ) thickness.

Masonry Accessories

● Anchor Bolts
● Foundation Anchors
● Nail Stakes 3/4″ w/ Holes
● Wall Ties
● Tie Wire Rolls
● DUR-O-WAL Galvanized Truss 
● Galvanized Self Furring Lath 2
● Casing (Stop) Bead 10′
● Lath Corner Bead 10′
● Double V 1/2″ Expansion Joint 10′
● Galvanized Rewire Sheets 5’x10′
● OSHA Rebar Caps
● Standard Backer Rod 1/4″
● Standard Backer Rod 3/8″
● Standard Backer Rod 1/2″
● Standard Backer Rod 5/8″
● Fiber Expansion Joint 4″X 10′
● Foam Expansion Joint

Masonry Cleaning & Protection Products

PROSOCO SURE KLEAN is the #1 choice for masonry cleaners and hard surface care products for thousands of contractors, architects and engineers nationwide since 1939. Prosoco products we offer include:

● SLX100 Stain Blocker
● Oil & Grease Remover
● Fast-Acting Stripper
● Light Duty Concrete Cleaner
● All-Surface Cleaner
● HD Paint Stripper
● Masonry Afterwash
● Graffiti Guard II
● Natural Stone WB Plus


We offer our Sonotube by the foot for 6″ -18” diameters and in 12’ lengths. Sonotube 20”, 22”, 24” & 30” diameter is available by special order and in full length only (12’)