Masonry Materials & Supplies

At Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply, we know and can supply you with all the masonry materials you need to build any project of any size.  

CMU Block

Cinder blocks or CMU are the starting blocks for all masonry projects, and we carry both solid and hollow blocks ranging from 2” to -12” deep. 

Clay Brick

We offer standard selections of both Glen-Gery & Pine Hall Bricks

● Glen-Gery 51DD Modular
● Glen-Gery 52DD Modular
● Glen-Gery 53DD Modular
● Glen-Gery DANISH Modular
● Glen-Gery 53DD Molded 4″x 8″ (Paving Brick)
● Glen-Gery DANISH Molded 4″ X 8” (Paving Brick)
● Pine Hall Pathway Red 4X8 (Paving Brick)
● Pine Hall Pathway Full Range 4X8 (Paving Brick)

A modular brick is sized such that the specified dimension of the brick plus the mortar joint equals a specific dimension and is typically used to face walls or other masonry vertical surfaces. 

Glen-Gery bricks have a sand finish, whereas the Pine Hall Brick is a traditional wire-cut square-edge clay paver brick.

Fire Brick

We carry a buff fire brick in both a standard (2 ⅜”) and a thin (1 ¼” ) depth.

Masonry Accessories

● Anchor Bolts
● Foundation Anchors
● Nail Stakes 3/4″ w/ Holes
● Wall Ties
● Tie Wire Rolls
● DUR-O-WAL Galvanized Truss 
● Galvanized Self-Furring Lath 2
● Casing (Stop) Bead 10′
● Lath Corner Bead 10′
● Double V 1/2″ Expansion Joint 10′
● Galvanized Rewire Sheets 5’x10′
● OSHA Rebar Caps
● Standard Backer Rod 1/4″
● Standard Backer Rod 3/8″
● Standard Backer Rod 1/2″
● Standard Backer Rod 5/8″
● Fiber Expansion Joint 4″X 10′
● Foam Expansion Joint

Masonry Cleaning & Protection Products

PROSOCO SURE KLEAN has been the #1 choice for masonry cleaners and hard surface care products for thousands of contractors, architects, and engineers nationwide since 1939. Prosoco products we offer include:

● Light Duty Concrete Cleaner
● Natural Stone WB Plus


We offer our Sonotube by the foot for 6” -18” diameters and in 12’ lengths. Sonotube 20”, 22”, 24” & 30” diameter is available by special order and in full length only (12’)