Bluebird Turf Equipment

Tough. Rugged. Dependable.

Bluebird provides commercial, rental, and residential users with some of the most reliable turf care power equipment in the industry. At Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply, we believe you will find that Bluebird is your complete source for lawn, garden, and forestry equipment.

At Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply, we carry a range of Bluebird outdoor power equipment, such as aerators, power rakes, and sod cutters. Here are some of the equipment models we carry:

742 Lawn Aerator
The 742 (25.5″ aerating width) Lawn Aerator offers the highest productivity on the market. A Honda GX120 engine with a synchronized clutching system allows for smooth starts, while the rugged design provides low maintenance and outstanding durability for profitable operation. The patented free-wheeling outer tine system provided unparalleled maneuverability and minimal tuft damage around corners and in tight areas. Removable side weights offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration. This unit is perfect for contractors with larger projects.

PR18 Power Rake
The PR18 operates as a power rake or seeder. The modular design provides the option of changing reels quickly and easily. Combining the base platform with reel options and an add-on seeder kit offers versatility for every application in a compact 18″ wide unit. The PR 18 is a dedicated dethatcher available with flail, sprint, or delta reels. The compact size makes this unit perfect for smaller jobs and a breeze to transport. Available with a Honda 5.5 hp Engine.

SC550 / SCG550 Sod Cutter

The SC550 Sod cutter can be used for preparing a new landscaped bed, clearing a new sidewalk or driveway, or tackling other home improvement projects that require removing sod. With 0.25” cutting depth increments up to 2.5”, this unit can tackle all your needs and grass types. The knifed outside blade edges allow the machine to cut through running stem grasses easily. Available with a Honda 5.5 hp Engine.

Bluebird has been providing customers with professional-grade power equipment since 1961. Backed by our outstanding customer service and support, you can trust the best with Bluebird. Please visit our Warminster location to view our full selection of Bluebird Turf Equipment.