Weber MT Tools

With Over 70 Years of Experience, Weber MT Knows Compaction

Weber MT is truly the specialist in walk-behind soil compactors, which is why we knew we wanted to offer them to our professional hardscape contractors. Some of the Weber MT compactors we offer are:

CF-3 Vibratory Plate Compactor

The CF-3 is a best-seller vibratory plate for compaction work in landscaping/hardscape and repair work. The CF-3 distinguishes itself with premium operating comfort, compact dimensions, and optimum running characteristics. The special low-vibration guide bar reduces the hand/arm vibrations and ensures comfortable work. Compact dimensions and a folding guide bar facilitate the transport of the machines. An easily accessible throttle lever is located on the guide bar.

CR-2 Reversible Plate Compactor

The CR-2 is the ideal machine for asphalt and hardscape projects! Delivering a centrifugal force of 5,620 lbs., this reversible soil compactor is the best lightweight, all-rounder machine you can use on the construction site and has long distinguished itself in a large variety of sand, gravel, pavement, and asphalt compaction applications.

Some of the features of the CR-2 include infinitely variable forward and reverse travel, variable hydraulic shifting, which allows for superior accuracy even when working in challenging areas, and a height-adjustable guide bar and low hand-arm vibration handles, which allow you to work without getting tired. The Honda-generated gas power unit is fully protected against external damage by an engine protection frame and cover. To increase mobility on the job, a rugged wheel kit has been integrated into every machine.

SRV 590 Vibratory Rammer

The SRV 590 Vibratory Rammer is a rugged and lightweight rammer with a powerful tamping system. Its low weight (137 lbs.) makes this rammer easier to transport and handle while working on a construction site. Thanks to good operating comfort and low hand/arm vibrations, the operator can work for a long period of time. A notched throttle control lever controls the tamping output.

VPR 450 Paver Roller

The industry’s foremost manufacturers of large-size slabs and pavers for hardscape projects recommend the use of paver rollers. For professional but gentle installation of these building materials, Weber MT offers the perfect solution: the VPR 450 paver roller. This machine was specially designed for the delicate treatment these large paver surfaces demand.

The VPR 450 rolls gently over the material, working the polymeric sand into the joints and ensuring it fills the joints fully right down to the bedding layer. This prevents the slabs or paving stones from shifting, cracking, or chipping. This machine is great for larger slabs and pavers now on the market that are non-tumbled with smooth surfaces, have clean lines or have chamfered edges that can sometimes chip or crack easily if using a traditional tamper for final compaction over the pavers.

While the VPR 450 is a good option for smaller surfaces or slabs with an edge length of up to 30 cm, the VPR 700 is recommended for larger surfaces.