Landscape Tools

WW Manufacturing has been hand making landscape and nursery tools over 60 years and is considered to be some of the best in the industry with product lines such as “King of Spades”, “Lesche”, and “Dura-Rake”. To further cement them as the best, WW offers 3 Year unconditional manufacturer warranty with all tools purchases. Stop in to Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply to see the tools for yourself, or speak with an associate for more information.

Our featured offered handmade tools are:

● #43 Trench Scoop
● 18″ DURA RAKE Replacement Head
● 2X4 Tamper
● “LESCHE” 38″ D-Handle Ground Shark
● “LESCHE” 40″ D-HANDLE Ground Shark
● “LESCHE” Standard Digging Tool
● Left “LESCHE” Digging Tool
● Straight Edger
● Cutter Mattock
● Featherweight Mini Pick
● Grub Hoe 8″
● “KING OF SPADES” KS-S 13″Spade Shovel
● “KING OF SPADES” KS-S 15″ Spade Shovel
● “KING OF SPADES” Long Flat Smooth Shovel
● “KING OF SPADES” Long Flat Spade Shovel
● “KING OF SPADES” Long Round Point Shovel
● MINI Heavyweight Pick
● Mulch Fork 10 Tine
● Root Cutter
● Round Edging Tool