If you are not sure what materials you need to construct a backyard pond, we can help pull together a material list of all the top quality materials you need to build your water feature.  Our 2,500 square foot Pond & Fountain department carries the area’s best selection of pond supplies and equipment, from liners and waterfall kits, to skimmers and vacuums. 

Pumps & Filters

Choosing the right pond pump or filter for your pond or fountain is crucial to ensuring your water is clear and filtered properly. We have a large selection of professional grade pumps, filters and fittings available.  As always, you can ask one of our friendly pond specialists if you need help choosing which size pump or filter is correct for your pond or fountain

Koi & Goldfish

No backyard pond would ever be complete without fish! Koi fish brighten up your pond with extreme orange and exotic whites. We carry a variety of high-quality, popular garden fish such standard and shubukin goldfish, Koi and Butterfly Koi which are known for their beautiful long flowing fins.

At Gasper, we also carry all the food you need to ensure your fish maintain a happy, healthy diet. The proper fish food will provides them with the nutrients they need to thrive and become bigger and stronger. Our pond department team is always available to help you choose the right food, as there are specific foods for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants have a great number of benefits for your pond as they are an excellent source of natural filtration and can help remove harmful ammonia, nitrates, and other chemicals.  While aquatic plants can benefit fish, by providing additional nutrition and places to hide, they can also provide visual interest through colorful foliage and blooms.  Our large selection of aquatics includes natives, marginal, and bog plant species.   Traditional and ornamental pond species such as lotus, water lilies, water hyacinth, water lettuce and iris are also ideal plant options that you can find right here at Gasper.


We also offer many low voltage and submersible lighting options that can be used to illuminate your water feature after dark.

Online Expert Advice

While our expert pond specialists are always available to answer your questions, we also have many articles available online on topics such as keeping your fish healthy and designing your pond.