Tropical plants are plants that cannot survive the cold winter temperatures in our Pennsylvania climate, but are able to thrive our hot summers or live inside all year round as houseplants.   At Gasper Home & Garden Showplace, we are proud to offer many different varieties of tropical plants from unique and showy houseplants to prolifically flowering vines and shrubs -even full sized palm trees up to 20 feet tall!

Each year, we scout the country for new and exotic plant material to give your home or garden the wow factor.  Some of the varieties we carry during the growing season include:

Colorful Tropical HibiscusMandevilla VinesBougainvillea
Premium Boston FernsOrchidsMajesty Palms
King Sago PalmsRobellini PalmsCitrus Trees (lemon, Lime, & Orange)
Fragrant GardeniasHuge Elephant EarsFlowering Canna

Although tropicals will not survive our Bucks County winters, some can be brought inside each year and make terrific houseplants.  Otherwise, treat these plants as annuals and reserve some space each year for them in pots, planters and garden beds where they can make a big impact.