Perennials, Groundcovers & Ornamental Grasses

Plant a perennial once and be rewarded with blooms that return year after year! As they mature and become established in your garden, they’ll also become more self-sufficient, needing less watering and care than annual flowers. Perennials give structure, texture and continuity to your landscape, and they can be displayed in an “ever-changing” palette of colors and textures as the season’s progress. Gasper carries a wide selection of perennials, so you can choose from the new and unusual to old favorites.

We have perennials with striking flower displays like Peony, Iris and Hibiscus; perennials with colorful or interesting leaf color texture such as Heuchera, Amsonia and ornamental grasses such as Pennisetum or Panicum; or low growing, perennial groundcovers like Ajuga, Sweet Woodruff or Creeping Phlox.  A well thought out perennial garden has the power to please from the break of spring to the final days of autumn.

Our expert nursery staff members are eager to share their passion for plants with you, and make recommendations to suit any property or situation even if you have difficult site conditions such as full shade, frequent wet soils or a heavy deer population. Interested in native or pollinator species?  We can help with those too.  In fact, Gasper has been guiding customers every step of the way for over 30 years.  Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the craft, we can help in choosing the right perennials, and we can even give you pointers on how to plant them and keep them looking their very best.

Offering healthy & quality plant material has been the foundation of how Gaspers’ has built its reputation. Shop our perennial plant varieties in store, or call us at 215-364-2400 to get recommendations.