Fruit Bearing Trees & Shrubs

Looking to plant a home orchard or be able to pick fresh fruit and berries directly from your garden? Gasper Home & Garden Showplace is committed to providing the best fruit bearing trees & shrubs available. Gasper’s nursery is stocked with many different varieties of fruit producing plants such as:


Gasper fruit trees have been carefully container grown for several years prior to being made available to you. This method ensures that you have a well-developed root system, prior to planting the tree in your yard.

Our Fruit trees& shrubs become available in our garden center in early spring which is an ideal time to plant fruit trees. It’s best to reserve your fruit trees early to make sure you get the varieties you want. Delivery service is available.  Call for local delivery charges.

Do I need a pollinator?

Fruit trees fit into the following categories:

Self-Pollinating — Trees that do not need another to complete the pollination process. Most apricots, nectarines, peaches and sour cherries are typical examples of self-pollinating trees.

Requiring a Pollinator — Trees that need to be pollinated by another variety of tree. Most apples, pears, plums & sweet cherries require a pollinator.  This means that you must have at least 2 compatible-pollen varieties of fruit trees within approximately 50 ft. of each other for either tree to reliably set fruit.

Not sure if the fruit tree you are interested in requires a companion pollinator?  Our expert team will be happy to advise you.