The Zen Market at Gasper

Create an emphasis on peace and meditation in your garden

Our authentic selection of stone Buddha statuary, lanterns and other eastern influenced products have been carefully curated from Bali and Indonesia to aid you in developing your own meditation practice in your home or garden.  Many of our Zen Market products are made with natural materials such as lava stone, sand stone or Indonesian green stone that are both beautiful and enduring.  

In addition to the more traditional mediational items, the Gasper Home & Garden Showplace also has a complimentary selection of other Asian inspired items such as statues, furniture, pots, vases, bowls, lanterns, animal and dragon statues, stepping stones, baskets and garden décor.   Many of the items are hand-crafted and available in a wide variety of materials such as: natural stone, terra cotta, teak wood, teak root, river stone, pebble stone, reclaimed boat wood, marble and sea grass.  At Gasper, you can find Buddha Statuary from 6 inches tall to 6 feet tall and everything in between.  In fact, Gasper has one of the largest selections of Zen & Asian inspired garden décor found anywhere in Buck, Montgomery, Chester or Philadelphia Counties.

What is Zen?

Many people think Zen is a religion, but it is not.  Zen instead centers on a personal relationship with your own mind, and a higher, undefined entity outside of yourself. “Being Zen” is essentially a state of being at peace with your own thoughts, and being self-aware of your place within the universe.   This state of being is thought to be achieved through different forms and styles of meditation. In fact, the word Zen is derived from the Chinese word Ch’an, which is directly taken from Indian sanskrit word dhayana, which means meditation. Two popular and simple methods of meditation are sitting and walking meditations– and the garden is a great place to try either. Even if you are not full committed to being ‘Zen’, adding just 5 minutes of meditation to your day, has been proven to provide great health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety.