Natural Stone Planters

Each One is Unique!

Gasper Home & Garden Showplace is always seeking to offer you items that you can’t find anywhere else, like our natural stone planters. Each planter is made by core drilling actual river stones to provide a unique growing container for your annual plant or succulent displays.  They are relatively heavy but that is because they are real rocks!  Each one is selected for its unique shape and colorings. Purchase them pre-planted with various selections of plants, or create an arrangement all your own. 

We also offer cored river stone without drainage holes that hold water and can be used in combination with plants or small pumps to create a naturally unique water feature.   

Our stacked pebble pots give the look and feel of a natural stacked stone wall.  Real cream or greenish tinted river stones are individually layered and set into the side walls of the pots.  Available in multiple sizes, our pebble pots would look equally good in a natural or contemporary setting.