DIY Design Services

Professional design help is available at Gasper for your next do-it-yourself landscape project

Need Help With Your Outdoor Project?

Call 215-396-2880 to schedule an up to 90-minute design consultation with one of our landscape designers for $500. When you are finished you will leave with a professionally designed hand-sketched plan and a $250 Gasper Gift Card.
*can be online or remote as well

Landscape Design Consultation

To secure your reservation, contact us at 215-396-2880. and we will schedule your in-office consultation (up to 90 minutes) with one of the Gasper landscape designers. Design consultations are scheduled in office, Monday-Friday, during daytime office hours (9:00am–4:30pm).
*can be online or remote as well

Getting Ready for your Design Consult

Please have ready the following information for your consult. The better prepared you come, the more value you will receive from your consultation.

1. Photographs: Photos of your project are REQUIRED!

Please shoot your project from a few different angles. Please take close-up photos of any existing plant material in the design area so that they are easy to identify. Color prints are also acceptable.

Please do not rely on photos shown on your smartphone—they are too small for the designers to see the detail needed to give you the best recommendations.

2. Measurements

Measurements are essential for an accurate design layout. Use the scaled graph paper on pages 4–5 to help measure your project area (one box = 1 foot × 1 foot). If you have a copy of your property’s plot plan or a surveyed as-built plan, that would also be helpful to bring to the consultation. These plans are often available upon request from your township planning or zoning office. For some tips on how to measure, see our measuring tips on page below. Measurements most helpful to the designers are:

• House footprint/foundation, including locations of windows and doors
• Property lines, setbacks and easements. (This information is usually found on an as-built property plans)
• Distances of and between elements as they relate to your project area.
• Location and distances to existing large trees, planting beds, utilities, or anything else you feel impacts your project area
• More measurements are always better than too little or missing information

3. Before your consult please think about the following questions:

• How do you envision using the space?
• Any preferences you have such as favorite styles, plants or colors?
• Do you have deer that visit your yard?
• How much time do you have for maintenance?

Service Limitations

This service does not include drafted plans/drawings, complex hardscape projects, 3-D models, elevations, or projects requiring more than 90 minutes of consultation.

This service is suited to small scaled DIY projects. If you have a larger project, or one that will require more than 90 minutes of consultation, we would recommend you either make multiple appointments (which will require additional purchase of $500 consult/gift card) or contact our landscape division to see if the scope of your project may be better suited to our landscape and hardscape division.