Casual Furniture

Patio furniture allows you to spend countless hours outside with family and friends comfortably. To make the most out of your outdoor space, a visit to Gasper’s Exterior Furnishings Gallery is a must. Whether you’re looking for just a patio table, outdoor chairs or a complete patio set, we’ve got what you need. 

Patio Lounge Furniture

Looking to utilize your patio, deck, or pool area as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Consider patio lounge furniture, which includes patio conversation sets, patio sofas and sectionals, patio daybeds, outdoor lounge chairs, hammocks, and more. All patio lounge furniture is designed with comfort in mind so you can spend hours relaxing and unwinding outdoors. Larger patio lounge furniture like patio sets, sofas, and sectionals, are optimal for providing seating for larger groups. If you don’t plan on needing room for more than a few people at a time, outdoor lounge chairs, and hammocks are all suitable solutions. Chaise lounges, for example, are useful for lounging by the pool and catching some rays. In addition to providing guests with a comfortable spot to relax, you’re also adding your personal style to your space. With that in mind, make sure you select patio lounge furniture that is consistent with your existing look and feel or one that you’re looking to create.

Patio Dining Set

Patio dining and bar furniture: enjoy eating outside when the weather permits? Patio dining sets allow you to do just that! With a patio dining set, you can enjoy a relaxing meal with family or friends, just like you would inside in your home. When shopping for a patio dining set, size is a crucial consideration. Larger patio dining sets can seat upwards of seven to eight people comfortably and are designed for more formal meals, while most patio bistro sets typically seat two people, and are perfect for enjoying a drink with a loved one or friend. If you already own a patio table or patio chairs and are missing part of the equation needed to enjoy outdoor meals or drinks, mixing and matching is also an option. While configuring your optimal patio dining setup, it’s worth considering adding a patio umbrella so you and your companions can enjoy ample time outside without worrying about Mother Nature interfering.

If you’re looking to utilize your patio or deck for entertaining, patio bar furniture is also available. Patio bar sets typically come with a bar and chairs and can replicate the experience of enjoying a refreshing beverage outside. As with other patio furniture, make sure to consider the size of your patio or deck, and use that information to select the right sized patio bar.

Patio Cushions, Covers, and Other Accessories

The more you use your patio furniture, the more likely it is that it experiences wear and tear, or you grow tired of its aesthetics. To prevent either scenario from occurring, keep another set of outdoor pillows and cushions so you can quickly rotate your look by season or as needed. When shopping for patio cushions and pillows, make sure to select a material that is compatible – both stylistically and functionally – with your patio furniture. To preserve your furniture, patio furniture covers are a wise purchase. Patio