Potting Services

Let us do the dirty work for you

Need a little bit of professional help selecting and planting your outdoor containers, urns or window boxes?   Aside, from the many ready available planter combinations available for purchase every day in the garden center, Gasper also offers a complete container garden design and potting service.   This is a fun, creative and collaborative process where our in-store floral designers will help you pick the right combination of annuals, perennials and small shrubs or trees to compliment any landscape pot or container. Select from the hundreds of frost resistant planters and pottery we have to offer on site, or bring one of your own from home.  Once we have paired the perfect plants in a pleasing arrangement of different colors, texture and heights, we will properly pot them using a high quality organic professional soil mix and proper planting techniques.

There is a time & materials fee for this service that is based on time spent in the consultation, and preparing the plants, containers, and other materials selected and used.

We also offer a winter potting service which includes filling pots with mixed, fresh cut greens and branches to ensure seasonal interest throughout the season.

Have too many pots to bring in or large heavy containers that are impossible to move? Consider having the work completed at your property with our time & material landscape decorating contract.

Let our talented design team turn your containers into amazing works of art and get the most out of your pots! Contact us at 215-364-2400 to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding our T&M contracts.