Wrought Iron / Cast Iron

Show your outdoor space some love with our extensive inventory of wrought & cast iron garden decor. Choose from our large selection of wrought iron arbors, shepherd hooks and hangers to smarten up any outside area or look to more decorative cast iron items such as sundials, wall medallions, weather vanes and figurines to help warm your home or garden.

What is wrought iron?

Wrought iron is a low carbon iron alloy that has been heated to high temperatures and shaped with tools such as a blacksmith’s hammer.  It is thought that the term wrought is derived from the word ‘worked’.  Unlike Cast iron, wrought iron is very strong and malleable.   It makes a great material for hooks and hangers of all sorts because it easily takes on curves and twists.  Wrought iron is both a beautiful and practical accent anywhere around the home. Browse our selection of wrought iron decor for the home and garden which includes trellises, obelisks, arbors, hose hangers and various sizes and heights of plant hooks, hangers & stands. The artistic beauty of wrought iron has captured attention for centuries, and its durability makes it a material of choice for both indoor and outdoor decor.  

What is the difference between cast and wrought iron?

The fundamental distinction between cast iron and wrought iron is in how they are produced. Cast iron describes anything that was formed by being melted and then poured or ‘cast’ into a mold.  Cast iron is made from an iron alloy that compared to wrought iron, is relatively brittle and non-malleable.  Cast iron is great for producing iron items with a lot of decorative detail.

Gasper carries a wide variety of hand-crafted cast iron items that come in many classic and unique designs.  Beautifully detailed, our cast iron wall art, figurines, plant hangers and door mats are the perfect gift for that special someone.