Pottery & Planters

When you are searching for the perfect pot to accent your home or patio, look no further than Gasper Home & Garden Showplace.  We stock hundreds of different style containers, from classic terra cotta and cast stone to colorful glazed pottery.  From tiny pots only a few inches in height, to strikingly tall containers that can become the focal point of your garden — we carry it all.  We also have many specialty pots for orchids & bonsai.  And most importantly, Gasper’s pottery is frost-resistant, which means that with proper winter care, and good drainage, our pottery will easily withstand freezing winter temperatures. For more information on winterizing your pots & containers, see our expert advice article on Pottery Care.

Our newest collection of pottery features a unique textured ‘lava’ finish and is available in many shapes sizes and 4 different colors.   Gasper also carries many different types of lightweight and PVC planters, urns & window boxes which are easier to handle, extremely durable and yet still frost-resistant.  We even have all of the accessories needed to help you have a successful container garden such as saucers, pot feet (to raise pots of the ground for better drainage), Ups-a Daisy Planter Inserts (which reduce potting soil needed) and professional grade potting soil & amendments. 

Our pottery is not just limited to containers.  We have plenty of fun novelty items, which can bring so much personality to your garden. We also carry many glazed, ceramic bird baths, gazing balls and water features.  We feature many pre-assembled aqua bowls & fountainettes, but most of our standard pottery can be converted into a custom water features with a little bit of assistance from our expert Pond & Fountain staff.

The frost-resistant pottery and planters carried at Gasper Home & Garden are manufactured with the best quality materials and with the greatest of care. They are subject to strict quality controls and you can rest assured that they will last for many years to come in your home or garden.