Natural Stone Products

Pennsylvania Bluestone

Pennsylvania bluestone for paving is available in both natural and thermal finishes.  Thermal bluestone is uniform in width with a smooth, slightly toothed finish whereas a natural finish will have a lot of texture from the natural cleft of the stone.  Thermal bluestones can be available in a full range of color or as a premium uniform blue colored stone.

Bluestone paving is also available in rectangular, random rectangular and irregular shaped stones.  Three colors of bluestone are typically available.  Full range bluestone will contain blues, grays, as well as some tan, rust or burgundy pieces.  Premium blue stone will be a consistent blue-grey in color and mahogany bluestone has a burgundy hue to the stone.

Step treads, wall coping & pier caps are also available in bluestone and are typically 2” thick with a thermal finish.

Our supertread bluestone is 6” thick and 16” wide, and is great for creating steps. It can also be used on edge as a low retaining wall.  Supertreads have a thermal finish and are available from 3’ to 6’ in length. 

Belgian Block

These natural and durable granite blocks are available in several different colors and sizes and are sold by the full pallet or by individual pieces.

• 4″x4″x4″
• 4″x4″x8″
• 5″x5″x9″
• 10″x4″x7″  (Jumbo)

• 5″x5″x9″
• 10″x4″x7″ (Jumbo)

• 5″x5″x9″
• 10″x4″x7″ (Jumbo)

Wall Stone

With a wide assortment of natural wall stone products available at Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless. Natural wall stone is available in various styles and thicknesses and most stones can be purchased by the ¼. ½ or full pallet.

• Colonial Gray 1-3″,2-4″ & 4-6″
• Colonial Lilac  1-3″,2-4″ & 4-6″
• Laurel Mountain 1-4″ & 2-4″
• Natural Fieldstone 1-3″,2-5″  & 4-6″
• Pocono Blend 2-4″
• Red Fieldstone 1-3″
• Tumbled Bluestone 1-3″

Landscape Boulders

We offer a great assortment of natural boulders which can be used to construct natural retaining walls, or just used as ornament and accent in the landscape. Boulders are available loose or by the pallet.  Boulders can range in size, shape and weight.  Some boulders are small enough to be handled by 1 person; others will require machinery to place.

Larger boulders offered are:

• Montco Brown
• Moss Rock
• Natural Fieldstone

One Man Boulder styles are:

• Autumn Red
• Blue Mountain Boulder
• Delaware River
• Feather Rock
• Kewanee Cobbles
• Laurel Mountain
• Natural Field Stone
• Rustic River Rounds
• Western Sunset

Natural Stone

We offer various sized stone slabs that are suitable to be used for constructing natural stone steps or bridges.  Availability changes frequently. 

In addition both Cambridge and Unilock offer many selections of natural stone pavers, copings, step treads and wall caps.