Additional Hardscape Tools

Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply offers a wide variety of top-quality, professional-grade hardscape tools. In addition to some of the top hardscape hand and power tool manufacturers, such as Pave Tool, Husqvarna, Bartell, and Milwaukee, we also carry a wide variety of other useful tools for the hardscape professional contractor.

Gasper’s Bucks County Hardscape & Building Supply carries Brickstop Block Splitters!

The FPS40 Splitter is designed for easily splitting retaining walls, capstones, rough-cut face stones, paving stones, and almost any other flat stone materials on the market today. This tool saves you money by never paying premium prices for pre-split corner blocks or caps. Saws make smooth and flat cuts in materials that are unfinished, whereas this splitter leaves the desired rough edge finish—a must-have tool for every hardscape job.

Some of the other Hardscape Tools we stock & carry include:

• Block Splitters
• Glue & Caulk Guns
• Hand Tamps (8×8” & 10×10”)
• Levels (Various Sizes)
• Pick Axes
• Post Hole Diggers
• Push Brooms
• Rakes (Stone, Leaf & Bow Types)
• Rubber Mallets and Dead Blows
• Saw & Grinder Diamond Blades (Various Sizes Available)
• Screed Bars (Various Lengths)
• Sledge Hammers
• Shovels (Flat, Spade & Edging Types)
• String Lines
• Tape Measures

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