Understated Elegance

Our homeowners wanted a more finished but not less rustic look for their classic Pennsylvania Farmhouse.

The Stone Driveway

This project was completed in 2 phases. Phase 1 involved adding granite Belgian block aprons and borders at the old stone driveway entrance, as well as at the house, barn and garage. The driveway is something our homeowners use and see every day so adding the Belgian block edging and aprons was a very practical design decision.  It tidies up the edges of the red stone driveway but still maintains that old farmhouse feeling. Plus, it provided a clean base material for Ken to wash the cars.

The Patio

Phase 2 involved redesigning their outdoor entertainment space to include a new irregular bluestone patio, cedar pergola, and natural stone cooking station and fire pit patio.  Nestled into the woodland edge, the main seating area of the patio overlooks a wooden foot bridge.  The bridge traverses a fairly significant drainage swale that was transformed into a dry riverbed with large boulders, river jack stone and water tolerant plantings, taking something that was strictly utilitarian into something beautiful. Large, stacked stone towers make a great, decorative focal point at the base of the wooden footbridge.

It is ok to use different paving patterns to designate different areas.  Here the more formal random rectangular pattern of the PA bluestone paving is used to define the dining area, and the more informal irregular pattern is used to connote a more natural feel on the rest of the patio. The clay brick border ties the two paving areas together.

The Pergola

When asked why they decided on the Gasper-built cedar pergola rather than a solid roof structure, Sarah told us they just prefer the openness of the pergola structure and felt that it creates a certain ambiance that they were looking for.  Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood which is why it is used so frequently to build outdoor structures such as this pergola.  This pergola is already starting to patina into a beautiful silvery grey color.  A planting bed was left at the base of one of the posts because the homeowner would like the pergola to eventually be covered with living vines, creating additional shade as well as adding to the natural feel of this patio.

The crew was unbelievably good. Not only did they do their work, but they clearly enjoyed their work. They were true craftsmen. That is often the difference between coming back for repeat business or not.

Ken S.

The Cook Station

The shed and chimney were original to the property.  The previous owners had turned the chimney into a small grill. Gasper’s design enlarged the cooking area but incorporated the existing chimney into the new counter space, creating a beautiful (and historic) feature for the new patio. The cook station features bar seating, exterior refrigerator, Lynx Professional Grill and a Big Green Egg.

People tell us —It’s magical.

Sarah B.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

A Gasper design always suggests the smart placement of low-voltage landscape lighting. Not only is landscape lighting aesthetically beautiful, but it also increases the usability of any space long into the evening hours. Most fixtures feature LED bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and long-lived.

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