A Yard for All-Seasons

Our featured homeowners wanted an outdoor space where they could enjoy being outside with their kids all year round… despite the weather.

The Covered Patio

Under cover of a large Gasper-built metal seamed roof are three outdoor living areas: a masonry cook station with a professional-grade Lynx grill, an outdoor dining area, and an outdoor seating area. The comfortable deep seating set faces a new masonry wood-burning fireplace, which is flanked on either side with wood storage boxes that double as extra seating. The roof and overhead fans shade and cool the patio during the sweltering summer months and the fireplace and overhead outdoor heaters keep the patio under the roof comfortably warm during the colder months.

We use this space all year round. There were nights in March when we sat out there, built a fire, and turned the (overhead) heaters on. We even used it in the snow! The kids were playing in the snow and coming back under the roof to warm up a bit.

*Homeowner 1

Before & After’s

Pre-Gasper, our homeowners had a much smaller patio with no cover or shade and an existing pool with mismatched concrete paving. With the patio being very tight up against the house and a lot of overgrown vegetation, they felt very claustrophobic and wanted to open the space and give it a better connection to the pool area and yard.

Honestly, it came out perfect. We wanted to eat outside and be able to use it even if it was raining or in other weather. Now, we use it every single day. We sit and the kids run around and play.

*Homeowner 2

The Garage/Pool Structure

Adjacent to the existing attached garages and on the far end of the pool, Gasper designed and constructed a completely new multi-functional structure. Not only does it serve as an additional two-car garage, but as a pool pavilion as well, complete with bathroom and storage. The covered seating area is the perfect place for her to sit and talk with her girlfriends or for him to hang out with a few friends and watch the game.

The Pool

The new wet-laid bluestone patio now opens directly to the pool area, which has been enlarged and paved with feet-friendly travertine, a natural stone that is both non-slip and resists heating up in full sun conditions.

3-D Rendering

The design process and working with Erik (Sales Designer, Erik Freeman) was great. Erik came out, and we described what we thought we wanted. He came back with a quote, a design and a 3-d rendering. We liked the design that Gasper did for us and quite frankly the 3-D rendering helped get us on board.

*Homeowner 1

*To protect their privacy, our homeowners requested their names not be used.

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