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Create a Phased Plan to Breaking up Large Projects into Much More Manageable Sized Steps

When Gasper Landscape Construction & Design Operations Manager, Michael Mauri and his wife Gloria were ready to get started on phase 2 of their backyard renovations, they quickly took advantage of having immediate access to a few of Michael’s co-workers: Gasper Landscape Designer, Nick Lupinacci and Gasper Exterior Furnishings Gallery Designer, Eli Hymer, two of the top outdoor designers in the tri-state area.

Creating a phased plan, like Michael and Gloria did is a very common approach to breaking up large projects into much more manageable sized projects and can be done for many reasons including budget and time considerations. Phased projects often flow best when there is an overall plan done first to help with the planning of each project so that all the construction is done with the end goal fully taken into consideration.

In the Mauri’s case, phase 1 was completed almost 10 years prior to and involved Gasper carpentry crews upgrading an existing wood deck to the current Timbertech, composite deck.  The new deck was also covered with a large roof to give them protection from the sun and rain.

When they were finally ready to proceed with phase 2, the concrete pool patio was in need of repair and it really became a no brainer for Michael and Gloria to upgrade to a beautiful silver colored travertine paving. Travertine is a natural stone paver that is perfect for pool patios because it stays much cooler in full sun and despite being very smooth, it is not slippery when wet.  So it not only looks great, it is ideal for bare feet. 

Eli is a master in his field. He will ask you what it is that makes you happy … and the next thing you know… It’s just beautiful!

Gloria Mauri

After phase 2 construction was complete, Gloria reached out and made an appointment with Eli Hymer in the Gasper Exterior Furnishings Gallery to upgrade their old furniture to new outdoor casual living sets.  Eli suggested some really fun design choices such as using a large upholstered pouf stool instead of a coffee table and the use of outdoor drapery which not only helped with late day sun in the eyes of diners on the deck but helped create that feeling of an outdoor room. Michael was used to being on the giving side of Gasper services for so many years, so it really was a nice feeling to be given the same 5-star treatment that all of our Gasper clients receive.  Do you have a large project that you want to implement in stages?  Contact us today for an initial consultation to see what our designers can create for you.

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