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The Start of a Beautiful Garden Begins With Gasper

Being new construction, our featured project homeowner, Michael C. truly had a blank slate to start with. He wanted a patio and a fenced-in yard and thought that it might be a good idea to eliminate the lawn completely in the back yard since it was so long and narrow.  Unsure of how a yard without grass would look or function, he contacted Gasper Landscape Construction & Design to help him achieve his vision.

The size of the concrete paver patio had to meet a strictly enforced side yard setback that did not allow the patio to extend past the line of the house. This setback allowed for the creation of stone paths and garden beds that allowed Michael to enjoy walking around the perimeter of his entire property.

A vinyl pergola, which provides light shade, really helps to define the outdoor living space. The masonry stone seating walls that surround the paver patio on the outer edge gives plenty of additional seating and create a great backdrop to the outside garden beds.

Even though Michael would not have previously described himself as a gardener, having spent a good portion of his adult life apartment living in cities, his mother was an avid gardener and so the idea of having a garden at the new house was really appealing and attractive to him. Gasper landscape designers worked with Michael to create an initial planting plan for the gardens. They started with the back and side yards as phase one and later did the front and balance of the property. However, as all gardeners learn very quickly, an initial garden design is only the beginning of the process. A garden, unlike a patio is a living, growing creation, always changing. Some plants thrive where they are planted while others do not for sometimes not very obvious reasons. A successful garden is always a bit of trial and error and there lies part of the challenge and for many, part of the fun of being a gardener.

Gardening is often described as a labor of love. It does indeed take time to care and maintain any successful garden space. Michael spends at least an hour per week, and often more during the summer months, on the maintenance of his garden.

One of the timesavers he highly recommends is the hose bib drip irrigation system that Gasper installed to help with the watering. “The drip irrigation system makes life easier.”

My neighbors often remark that passing by the garden is a highlight of their summertime strolls

Michael C.

Living in a small community, Michael has really been able to connect with his neighbors through his gardens. “My neighbors often remark that passing by the garden is a highlight of their summertime strolls,” Michael said beamingly.

Maybe you are looking to start a garden of your own? Gasper Landscape Design & Construction is here to help in so many ways, be it through the design and construction of a new garden space through our Landscape division, or through our large selection of high quality nursery plants found at Gasper Home and Garden Showplace. Plus, our expert, horticultural staff is always available to answer any of your gardening questions! Make Gasper part of your gardening experience today!

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