Reaching a New Level

Gasper’s new upper deck and lower patio solution is a dream come true.

Did you ever get the feeling that someone is not really listening to you? This is exactly how homeowners, Anthony and Sharon R. felt about every other contractor proposal they received when they were trying to renovate their rear yard patio into a new composite deck. A deck was appealing to them for many reasons: they were interested in eliminating the number of steps outside their back door; they really liked the new deck composite materials; and they were tired of the maintenance issues on their 20-year patio.

They had a vision of what they wanted, but it seemed like no one was really listening—that is until they met with Gasper Sales Designer Jim Folz. “Jim listened and built upon what we were thinking. He did not just give us what we asked. He improved our initial vision,” remembers Anthony. “He was very professional and we both felt very comfortable speaking with him,” added Sharon.

Jim listened and built upon what we were thinking…he improved our initial vision.

Anthony R.

Details About the Project

Gasper’s design removed the existing patio and replaced it with a Timbertech composite deck, one step down from the finished floor height. This was a big asset for Sharon and Anthony because they wanted to be able to continue to enjoy their outdoor space as they get older; in addition, having the deck right off of the house felt like an extension of the interior living spaces. From the deck, a set of gradually turning steps leads down to a modest sized paver patio with a decorative block seat wall that creates a small usable transitional space between the deck and the pool area for a small dining table and a fire table with comfortable deep seating.

To reduce maintenance on the new patio, Gasper proposed Cambridge Ledgestone pavers that are constructed with Armortech which helps to eliminate wear and the need for sealing the pavers as protection against the aging effects of acid rain. In addition, placing polymer sand in the joints helped to reduce weeds as well as stabilize the patio. “Gasper added the touches we were looking for. I really liked how Gasper’s design turned the stairs and added lighting,” says Sharon. When Sharon mentions the low-voltage landscape lighting, Anthony chimes in “We entertain more in the evening because of the post lighting on the deck and the lights Jim had suggested in the garden. We used to be out by the pool more and now we tend to be on the deck in the evening.”

The carpenters who worked on the deck felt like my brothers.

Sharon R.

The good feeling that they got from Jim and the design process did not end with the sale—instead, it continued through the construction of the deck and patio. Both Sharon and Anthony enjoyed working with Gasper’s carpentry and landscape crews. “The carpenters were wonderful. The carpenters who worked on the deck felt like my brothers. They came in the morning and tapped on my window to say good morning. After that they worked around the clock,” shared Sharon. “They explained what they were doing each step of the way and about things like the township inspection process. They were very communicative,” added Antony.

In regards to the landscape crew, he added “They were very neat. At the end of the day it did not feel like a messy job site. Each day they cleaned up. They did a nice job keeping the site clean and tidy.” Sharon chimed right in, “The landscape crew was so nice. They laid everything out as per the plans and then made sure we reviewed and approved it before they planted anything. I enjoyed working with them.” She adds, “Gasper is really easy to work with. When they say they were going to call, they called. When they said they were going to come, they came. When they said they were going to finish, they finished.”

Here at Gasper, we believe that your landscape says a lot about you, and our job is to listen. We would love to hear about your vision for your yard and to start dreaming right along with you on how we can help you achieve that vision. We know winter is coming and that it may seem like there is plenty of time to start thinking about that project for 2020. But trust us, the earlier you start telling us what you want your landscape to say about you, the quicker we will be able to show you our vision. Let’s start that conversation today at 215-544-3337.

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