Common Ground

A Shared Vision was the Foundation for an Effective and Beautiful Design

For years, Chad & Cari C. had nothing in their backyard except for grass and the small deck off of their kitchen that had been built with the house. The deck had no stairs to get down to grade, and therefore no real connection to the back yard. After they tackled a few interior projects, like finishing their basement into an entertainment area (complete with bar and arcade games), they knew they were ready to work on their outdoor areas. Cari did her homework and got 3-4 estimates for the project. She sheepishly admits that she called Gasper last because she was afraid Gasper would be too expensive since Gasper is very well known. They met on site with Gasper sales designer, Jim Folz and had a very positive feeling right away because Jim gave them great feedback on their initial thoughts for the patio. 

Within a couple of weeks, Jim came back with a few different design ideas and concepts which he presented using a 3-d model. Cari recalled, “Gasper’s design was very different from the other designs we had received.  Plus I really needed the visual.  I needed to see my backyard transformed in front of me and Gasper was able to do that.” Chad added, “The model also showed the professionalism of Gasper.  We felt like we were in good hands. It gave us the understanding that the job was going to be done right and that we were not working with a contractor who was going to disappear and not show up.” To both of their surprise and relief, when they received Gasper’s proposal the cost was somewhere in the middle of the other proposals they had received. “They were not the highest.” Cari confides. “If you want quality and it done right, as with everything, you need to pay a little more.  Gasper was not the cheapest, but I never had to worry.  I have heard horror stories about working with contractors; working with Gasper was NOT a horror story.”

Cari & Chad love to entertain and the new paver patio has really become an extension of their home, tying together the upstairs and the downstairs and giving the house the connection to the yard that was needed.   Being that the patio and the stone cook station is right off the finished basement doors, when they entertain or host parties like their annual Halloween bash, it is easy for guests to overflow from the basement rec room and house right onto the patio.  Their two kids, Jordan and Luke in particular love the new gas fire pit because it is the perfect space for them to have their friends over, listen to music and roast marshmallows.  

The addition of low voltage landscape lighting was also a game changer.  Before, when it got dark, Chad and Cari felt like they had to come inside the house.  Now, with the landscape lighting, there is not a limit on the time they can spend outdoors on a nice evening. “Before we were limited by the sunset, now we are limited by bedtime”, muses Chad.  Cari agrees that one of the best parts of the new patio is sitting outside together as opposed to inside watching TV.  “It brings us all together…outside”, she explains.

Despite her initial hesitation on calling Gasper, Chad and Cari couldn’t be happier with the final product.  “Our patio is not elaborate or grand, our backyard isn’t huge, but for the space we have, it’s perfect.” Cari concludes.  Let Gasper’s experienced landscape designers help you create the perfectly sized patio for your back yard, by calling (215) 364-2400.

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