The Family Back Yard Version 2.0

Gasper Transforms Backyard from ‘Playground’ to a More Sophisticated Space for Adults

Joe and Julia S. built their family home in 1985 and raised 5 children there.  Like many parents with young children, their back yard became a place for their children to play.  First there were play sets, then soccer and basketball nets.  Soon an above ground pool became an in ground pool.  Fast forward some 20 odd years, with their kids all grown up and out of the house, some with children of their own, and our now empty nesters, Joe and Julia, were deciding whether or not to renovate the house or to move. *Spoiler Alert:  They decided to stay… but with a few caveats.  One caveat was that they wanted to transform the backyard from ‘playground’ into a more sophisticated ‘Adult’ space; one that could accommodate both grandchildren and grown children alike. Plus in the 20 years since they put in the existing in ground pool, it had gotten dated and was in the need of repairs, so after being impressed with the publications they had been receiving, they decided to call and schedule an appointment with Gasper.

Landscape sales designer, Bob Gasper was sent out to meet with Joe and Julia and they immediately felt they were in the right hands.  “I found Bob Gasper to be very down to earth.  He really was interested in finding out what would work for us,” shared Julia. “He showed up looking very professional but like he was ready to get his hands dirty,” added Joe.  Bob and the Gasper design team later came back to them with a new vision for their back yard space, complete with a 3-D model which allowed them to ‘see’ what was proposed.  “I was happy with all the choices I was presented with,” said Julia of the new design which included a complete renovation of the existing concrete pool decking, a masonry cooking station, dining area under a pergola and an area to gather around a large gas fire pit. 

The cook station was an important addition to the back yard because as Joe describes it…food is our life. You only have to venture inside to see his 800 plus cookbook collection to agree.  “All of our kids like to cook and we like to have food competitions in our family.  The outside cook station is sure to bring new competitions,” explained Joe. The new cooking station featured a professional style grill and power burner plus an outdoor oven, all by Lynx.  “The pizza oven is a new thing for us…It is going to up our game,” states Joe, somewhat competitively. Julia agrees and added, “Everyone congregates wherever we are cooking, so having the cooking station gives us more room to do that outside.” “Plus,” Joe adds, “There is always something special about cooking outdoors.  It always adds another dimension to the meal.” 

We are thrilled with the end product.  It works for the adults AND it works for the kids

Joe S

“This project wasn’t just about Julia and me alone, it was about our family,” smiles Joe, “We are thrilled with the end product.  It works for the adults AND it works for the kids”.   “Everything we do is with family in mind and how to draw them to us,” explains Julia. “Now this house is still the family home, just upgraded for the future.”    Is your family home ready to reboot its outdoor space?  Our designers here at Gasper can help with that. 

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