Back Yard Love Story

A New Deck & Roof Structure Completes the Vision Our Homeowners Had For Their Back Yard

When we first met our homeowners, Adam & Amanda M, it was immediately clear how important it was to them that their two young kids, now three and a half and one years old, had a great outdoor space to grow up in.  Add in the fact that the couple loves to entertain, and it made perfect sense that one of the first things they wanted to tackle after they moved into their new house was creating an amazing outdoor living space. 

After calling Gasper, they met at their home with sales designer, Erik Freeman and spent a lot of time discussing their vision for their back yard. Amanda and Adam found Erik to be very receptive to their questions and feedback and soon were very comfortable with letting his creative expertise take over.  “The process was really fluid.  Erik got our vision and came back with a 3-D model which enabled us to see the design, “Adam explained.  Amanda added “We added on a lot of things throughout the process.  I changed my mind a lot and Erik was very patient and easy to work with.”

The design for the new deck included a large attached roof structure, cook station and paver patio for a fire table with deep seating.  The creation of multiple ‘outdoor rooms’ allow for separate but connected spaces for dining and lounging.  “The covered deck is truthfully the most used room in the house, spring through fall.   Plus we do not have to worry about the weather with the roof. It is always very comfortable especially with the ceiling fan” Adam relates.   The new composite decking material is also great for their small kids as their son can play with his toy trucks on the deck and the baby can crawl around without safety fears such as splinters. 

“I had always wanted a pizza oven” shares Amanda.  So she was super excited when Erik came back with a cook station design that included a spot for a coordinating pizza oven.  It has turned out to be a fun amenity, especially when they entertain. 

Timing on the project was perfect as the job finished up right before the pandemic started, giving the family the perfect space to get the kids outside as well as a good place for Amanda to work from home, which she does frequently. 

We fell in love with this house for its backyard. It was the outdoor space we envisioned for our kids

Amanda M

“I would highly recommend Gasper.  I thought it would be fairly simple to just build the roof and deck and it turned out to be much more involved than I realized.  So having someone like Erik who was able walks us through the process and the timeline really made a difference to us” confesses Amanda. “When we first started, we had an idea of what we wanted but did not know how we were going to get there. So hiring a company like Gasper was the absolute best decision we made because they were able to support us through every decision and bring their skilled and extremely helpfully employees to the table” adds Adam. We can help you fall in love with your back yard too!  Contact us by selecting the Start My Project Today button below to schedule your own appointment.

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