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Many of the homeowners that contact us are in the same situation that homeowner’s Chris and Stephanie C. found themselves in when they first called Gasper Landscape Design & Construction. When they first moved into their home, they had initially focused on interior renovations of their house. Now, a few years later and with all the interior work complete, they were finally ready to focus on the exterior renovations that had been put on the backburner. Living in their house for a few years, however, gave them time to figure out exactly how they used their outdoor space and what the issues were with their existing patio. It also gave them time to dream big on items like a built-in fire pit and an outdoor cooking station. Having spent time collecting a lot of examples of outdoor spaces she admired, Stephanie was able to clearly share her likes and dislikes with Gasper Sales Designer, Erik Freeman, during their initial meeting. So much so, that when they met with Erik again for the conceptual design presentation, it was clear that not only were the designers at Gasper listening, but that they had brought a lot more good ideas to the design process.

In fact, the things that stuck out to Chris and Stephanie between Gasper and some of the other companies they had interviewed, was the comfort level they had developed with the professionalism and preparedness of Erik and the level of thought and thoroughness that Gasper had put into the presentation of the proposed design. “Erik was exceptionally buttoned up and the presentation was outstanding”, remembers Stephanie. Both homeowners found the 3-D model that Gasper used to present the design, extremely helpful in understanding exactly what the new proposed patio would look like. Reflecting back on the process, Chris and Stephanie realize that it became a true collaborate effort, with Erik giving good feedback, showing them a lot of material options and suggesting improvements to their ideas.

I am very visual and like to see everything laid out in front of me”, commented Stephanie, “The other companies were only able to provide blueprints.

Details About the Project

Gasper Landscape designer, Nick Lupinacci, knew that the large amount of windows and doors along the back of the house would make for a strong connection between the interior and the new exterior space. He also knew that many doors and the elevation change would require a lot of steps which could feel excessive if not handled properly. Creating more than just a transition down to the patio from the house, the design for the steps wrap the base of the house and feels more like overflow stadium seating, not to mention providing great locations for decorative planters that accent the patio and can be seen from inside the house.

If we had to do it over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of the project was steering the job through the permit process. Not having worked with the township before, Chris and Stephanie were not sure what to expect, so they were pleasantly surprised how Erik stayed on top of everything, making frequent calls to the township and regularly conveying to the homeowners where the project was in the approval process. Erik’s thoroughness and good communication continued through the whole construction process. “Every step of the way, he was there stopping by frequently to inspect the progress of construction, seeing if I had any questions, and bringing samples. Overall, Erik was extremely thorough.” recalls Stephanie. Chris was impressed with Gasper’s construction crew noting that the crew members were on time, respectful, and worked hard each and every day during the construction of the project. Stephanie remembers that, “The crew left the job site impeccably clean every single day.”

As for the finished project? Chris and Stephanie absolutely love it! Now, they spend a lot more time outside and a lot more time entertaining. Since the completion, they have referred Gasper a number of times to their family and friends and are happy to report back that their friends, who became Gasper clients are equally pleased.

We can only give high accolades to Gasper


We love presenting the interesting stories behind the exciting projects and people that become part of the growing Gasper family. It thrills us to blend our client’s pride in their home with the Gasper pride in craftsmanship and seeing the amazing result. It is the most gratifying part of our job.

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