Three’s a Charm

Constructed in three phases, this Gasper-built featured project perfectly complements the existing house and property

Phase 1: The Patio

The Gasper design transformed a modest, pre-existing dry-laid bluestone patio into an expansive, wet-laid masterpiece, seamlessly integrating three distinct living spaces: a sophisticated cooking zone, a welcoming dining area, and a cozy, casual seating space anchored by a wood-burning masonry fireplace.

The use of real stone veneer on both the cook station and the elegant fireplace beautifully echoes the stonework of the house, creating a harmonious blend that suggests all elements were constructed together. The cook station is outfitted with a top-of-the-line Lynx grill and pizza oven, making entertaining large groups effortless and enjoyable. 

Phase 2: The Pool

Our homeowners had always envisioned their home with a pool and accompanying pool patio, so it was a natural decision to engage the same Gasper designers they trusted to bring this vision to life. The pool’s design is a masterclass in simplicity and elegance, with its rectangular shape not only serving aesthetic purposes but also accommodating an automatic pool safety cover, ensuring the pool water remains safely covered when not in use but clean and well-insulated too.


The choice of silver travertine paving around the pool is a material known for its cool and smooth texture that is perfect for bare feet. Additionally, the spacious area around the pool is thoughtfully designed to offer ample seating, creating an inviting space for relaxation or engaging conversations.

Phase 3: The Front

After they finished the backyard projects, our featured project’s homeowners decided to continue the collaboration with Gasper to revamp the front walkway and the foundation plantings adjacent to the house. The original path, made from dry-laid bluestone, had settled unevenly over time, necessitating its reconstruction.

Opting for a wet-laid bluestone approach ensures lower maintenance, thanks to its concrete base and mortared joints. The new planting scheme, which replaced the previously overgrown vegetation, was thoughtfully designed to provide a vibrant display of colors and interest throughout the seasons.

We are so pleased with how it turned out. It is hard to imagine what was here before.  It looks like it always should have been here.

Angela R.
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