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You know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? Well, when Homeowner Lisa Neff-Ryave was looking to hire a landscape company to transform her back yard space, that old fairy tale rang true. The first company was not professional enough. The second company was not experienced enough. The third company, Gasper Landscape and Design, was just right. Right enough to win her confidence and be awarded the contract. Lisa is a successful investor and an educated homeowner who takes the time to do her homework. Furthermore, she used the same philosophy to select her contractor that she uses to select her investments: Be value orientated and take the time to do the research on what you are buying.

I stuck with my philosophy and made a very value-oriented decision when I chose Gasper. I feel that I got the best for what I paid I had less headache and feel the value I gained is now invested in my house.


Details About the Project

Lisa already had a vision of what she wanted to create in the back yard before she met with Gasper. She wanted elegance instead of the dated Italianate styled back yard which neither complimented the architecture of the house or her own personal style. Sales designer, Jim Folz was confident that Gasper could deliver. Working closely with Landscape designer, Nick Lupinacci, Lisa’s concept was transformed into an elegant, functional space that went beyond her expectations. Her only tweak was to make it bigger!

The large Cambridge paver patio space features a free-standing pavilion which provided a shady area for both an outdoor kitchen and comfortable bar seating. The pavilion was built with similar materials as the house, but details such as a copper flower shaped rain chain that empties into a large aqua colored pot, adds a feeling of charm and warmth. The stone on the piers of the seating and counter walls was carefully selected to match the existing stone on the house, and Gasper’s masons were able to lay the stone in the same pattern so that the house and landscape look as if they were built together. The patio is large enough to comfortably host large parties and family gatherings such as baby showers and holiday parties, but still has intimate spaces for Lisa to kick back and relax.

I used to always be running around. Now my home is my oasis.


Construction of the back yard proceeded smoothly. Communication between Jim, Lisa and the site foreman was exceptional and any small glitches were quickly resolved. In fact, Lisa was so happy with the back yard results that she turned her sights on addressing a shaky front step in need of repair and the entire front walkway.

The new front walkway included a small bluestone and brick paver landing that created a courtyard like feel adjacent to the front steps. The walkway itself has two legs, one from a small guest parking court near the garage, and another longer leg that extends towards the street, welcoming visitors. The walkway’s subtle curving form is both inviting and elegant, and the natural bluestone paving compliments the natural stone on the front façade of the house. Lisa was pretty impressed with the front transformation, but so were her neighbors and perfect strangers who took the time to stop her and compliment the new walkway.

I’ve already done the research on Gasper…Go for it!


In the end, Lisa couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of her new outdoor spaces. To her, they have just the right combination of elegance with that important “homey” feel. In addition, she couldn’t be happier with her decision to choose Gasper. And on a parting note, she has a tip for homeowners considering using Gasper’s services, “I’ve already done the research on Gasper…Go for it!”

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