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During the COVID-19 crisis homeowners rely on home more than ever

If you are lucky enough to have access to a great outdoor space, being ‘stuck’ at home can be pretty rewarding. A few years ago, our featured project homeowners, Glenn and Cheryl Y., were looking to renovate their back yard. They had lived in their current home for almost 20 years, raising their kids, and during that time, the yard was not a priority. But the old wood deck started requiring repair, and the true deciding factor was that Cheryl’s sister hoped to host her outdoor wedding for over 100 people in their large backyard. Luckily for her sister, this was 2017, not 2020, so large gatherings of over 100 people were still possible, and fortunately for Glenn and Cheryl, they had received a referral from their brother-in-law, who had worked with Gasper previously.

The deck was not the only thing that Glenn and Cheryl wanted gone. Alongside the deck were a stamped concrete patio and a pool that they wanted removed and filled in. Not only was the old set-up high maintenance and problematic, but also the previous areas did not have a decent flow for entertaining, which was important to Glenn and Cheryl. The new patio needed more space to accommodate comfortable seating, and they were eager to add a fire pit.

Glenn and Cheryl met on-site with their Gasper sales designer. “At the first meeting, he was upfront about the construction timetable, helped set a realistic budget, and did not try to oversell,” recalls Glenn. In their second meeting at the Gasper Design Office in Richboro, their sales designer presented a new design for their back yard with a 3-D model, which was especially helpful in visually understanding the proposed space. “The design had good flow. It was really good for entertaining and had a lot of different seating areas. Plus, everything faced out towards the yard, which is the best focal point.” commented Cheryl. Glenn liked that the design had a variety of materials and color. The plan featured irregular bluestone, a stone-textured block on the cook station and fire pit (Unilock Rivercrest Wall stone in Buff,) and a dark-colored paver brick border (Unlilock Copthorne paver in Basalt.) Everything coordinated strikingly well.

Except for a small hang up in the permitting process, construction progressed smoothly and — most importantly for the upcoming nuptial date — on time. Glenn and Cheryl thought Gasper’s construction crew members were friendly and respectful, even to their dog, because they were always careful about keeping the gates closed. “The foreman was very communicative and made sure we knew what was going on,” states Glenn. “In fact, everyone we worked with was enthusiastic, responsive, and came through with the timing.” Glenn and Cheryl were even able to work with Gasper’s Exterior Furnishings Gallery to furnish each of the new outdoor rooms with comfortable pieces. “It was good that Gasper is a big company. It was all in one. They do design, the construction, and they also did the design for the furniture.” says Cheryl.

It was all in one. They do design, the construction, AND they also did the design for the furniture.

Cheryl Y.

Of all the areas on the new patio, the new gas fire pit is what they enjoy the most. Natural gas lines were run for both the grill and the fire pit, which means Glenn and Cheryl never have to worry about getting propane or wood. They recall it used to be an ordeal to have to use the old wood fire pit. “The fire pit is now really user friendly and manageable. It is easy to use it to hang out before dessert or during drinks before we go out. If the weather is halfway decent, we will be outside — even if just for a half hour,” says Cheryl. It even extends the usability of the patio far into the holiday season, allowing them to sit out by the fire after Thanksgiving dinner if the weather is fair.

After all the hard work and effort put into the renovation of the back yard, the wedding was beautiful. The party was under a big tent; high tops were placed on the patio, and cocktails were served by the cook station. While it is true that 2020 has changed the way we all entertain, it hasn’t changed the need for great outdoor spaces with good flow. Glenn and Cheryl’s exterior space is equally enjoyable as an intimate place for the two of them to come outside and share a bottle of wine as it is to host a large party (whenever that will be possible again). It is important to repeat: If you are lucky enough to have access to a great outdoor space, being ‘stuck’ at home can be pleasantly rewarding. Let Gasper help change your luck. Contact us today about creating your own backyard sanctuary.

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