Building Trust

The end game for us here at Gasper is not only to build our client’s landscapes to withstand the test of time but to gain their trust and build long lasting relationships as well. This summer we were granted the opportunity to check back in with previous homeowners whom we had worked with almost 15 years ago and who now were looking to add some screening plantings to their yard. We first met Chris and Maria C. in 2003 through a neighbor’s referral when they were looking to build a new patio.

We had a great experience the first time around and the same great experience the second time around.

Chris C.

Details About the Project

They knew that they did not want the typical cookie-cutter design and instead wanted a patio built of materials that looked like it had always been there. At the time of construction, they were ecstatic with the bluestone and real clay brick patio, which Maria had described as “Timeless”. But as the years passed, and neighbors who went with other companies had problems within a few years, Gasper’s attention to quality and craftsmanship became even more apparent. In fact, after minor repairs and maintenance to the patio this summer, such as power washing and new polymer sand, our homeowners declared “It looks like it is brand new”.

We are also proud to report that both Chris and Maria were happy with the new plantings. So were their neighbors who, to their relief, thought the plantings looked great from their side of the yard, too. To say the least it was very gratifying to revisit this former project and see just how well it faired over the years. And it was equally gratifying to know that our homeowners had a second great experience working with our team here at Gasper.

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