Pet-friendly Landscaping

As the Bucks County area’s premier design-build company, our team knows how important it is to keep your family’s pet safe when designing your yard. Whether you have dogs, cats, or chickens roaming around your property, Gasper’s seasoned craftsmen, carpenters, masons, and horticulturalists are mindful of your pet and your property. We have the ability to take on any size landscape or hardscape project and can customize pet-friendly landscape applications without damaging your yard.


Pet-safe plants It’s important to know which plants are harmful and toxic to pets. The specialists at Gasper can help you decide which plants to avoid altogether or come up with a plan to sow them safely. Gasper has a 6-acre nursery where you’ll find the finest and most complete selection of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing, but your pet will also have a space to take shelter from the sun (or a sudden shower) while still enjoying the outdoors.


Boundaries Whether you have a pool, firepit, or garden that you want to steer your pet away from, the professionals at Gasper can design a special yard layout with your pet’s safety top of mind. A designated play area for your pet equipped with barriers or Invisible Fences® is a great way to keep your pet out of harm’s way or prevent them from destroying your garden.


Landscape & Hardscape Gasper offers landscape and hardscape solutions, such as pavers and gravel, that can survive the general wear-and-tear of owning a dog. Our specialists will help you decide which materials are right for the needs of your pet. For example, non-wood materials, such as composite, are used to discourage dogs from chewing and helps them avoid splinters. It’s also important to keep pets away from mulch when possible, as they can be allergic. If mulch is used, Gasper creates a yard design to deter pets from that area. We can also advise on which mulch brands are most safe for pets.


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